How to use Camtasia Studio to record videos and take screenshots

Knowing how to use Camtasia Studio on your computer is your great advantage in editing or editing video clips, Camtasia Studio has powerful tools to help you cut, join videos, insert sound effects and take screenshots. computer.

Software Camtasio Studio often used to record the process and operation of a computer. Besides, it also provides a fairly basic and easy to use video editor. If you’ve ever watched the video screen capture computer professionally adapted for high quality then surely it’s video recorded by Camtasia Studio.

Refer to using Camtasia Studio with the images and videos below.

Configure your computer to work well with Camtasia Studio

  • Windows XP operating system onwards
  • Processor Intel Dual Core 2.0 or higher
  • Minimum RAM of 1 GB
  • Minimum storage capacity of 500 MB

How to use Camtasia Studio

Download and install the latest version of Camtasio Studio, download Camtasio Studio

After installation you will see the main interface of the program as follows.

Recorded with Camtasia Studio

If the button is selected Record the screen, a rectangular window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Now you need to note a few points.

Full screen: Record full screen

Custom: Choose an arbitrary screen size, for example here I choose 1045 x 588

Webcam: ON or OFF

Audio: ON or OFF

Next press the button REC or F9 to record.

using camtasia studio 7 with pictures and videos

After the recording is complete, press F10 to finish.

using camtasi studio 7

At this time, if you like that then click the button Save and Edit to save and edit.

using camtasia studio 7, using camtasia studio 7, photos and videos, using camtasi studio 7

Editing with Camtasia Studio

Editing starts with the video size option.

The official editing interface will display as follows.

Zoom mode used to zoom in or out video.

You can add photos or background music to further illustrate the video.

The effects are integrated in the video.

If you need a note, please refer to the Callout section.

Once completed you can save or upload directly to Youtube.
So introduced to you how to use Camtasia Studio. Usually if you are new to this software, you will need time to practice and learn more. And if you’ve ever edited a video, you certainly won’t have trouble using Camtasia Studio. Please refer to the article Cut video with Camtasia Studio that we provide.


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