How to use Deep Freeze, use Deep Freeze to freeze hard drives of computers and laptops

How to use Deep Freeze, use Deep Freeze to freeze hard drives of computers and laptops

Using Deep Freeze to freeze the hard drive of a computer is the way that users still do when installing many software on the computer but do not want to take time to remove, just restart Windows and all the settings on the hard drive will turn lost. Refer to using Deep Freeze below of for details on how to do it.

Deep Freeze Standard Computer protection is based on the mechanism that closes all previous operations and corrections when the program starts. To install any software on your computer for long-term use, you must turn off the operation of Deep Freeze Standard before you can install it. If you do not understand the working principle of this hard drive freezing software, please refer to the instructions below.

How to use Deep Freeze Standard

Download some Deep Freeze software installations here: Download Deep Freeze

If not sure how to install, you can refer to How to install Deep Freeze was instructed in the previous article.

Step 1: Because Deep Freeze Standard does not have an icon outside of the Dexktop screen, only a small white bear icon in the system tray, so you can only open this utility by holding the key Shift on the keyboard and Double click Click the icon in the system tray or Use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6.

Click OK, got it to enter the Deep Freeze Standard interface

How to use deep freeze standard with the state

Step 2: On the interface of Deep Freeze Standard, at Tab Status There are 3 main settings for you to choose.

Frozen boot (default mode): Turn on freezing mode, preventing all operations such as copying, overwriting, deleting .. data.
Boot Thawed on Next: Allow the computer to restart with a predetermined number of times (selected in Restarts) in the state that the hard drive is allowed to record and install normally.
Boot Thawed: Turn off freezing mode, which means you can now install, record or delete data on the hard drive normally.

After you have selected the modes, click Apply and Reboot
Attention: The computer must be restarted for the new modes to be enabled.

Deep Freeze Standard

After the setup is complete, all operations such as setting, recording or deleting … the data on the hard drive will be immediately removed when you click on the freezing mode, which means whatever activity you choose. proceed to the hard drive that has been frozen evenly back to the state it was in before freezing when we restarted the computer. Download Deep Freeze to use is sometimes quite helpful, for example, when we install a file that is attached to a virus, just restart the computer. Hard drive freeze can only function normally when freezing mode is turned off or knock out freezing Deep Freeze away from the computer.

In addition to Deep Freeze Standard, you can refer to many other hard drive freezing software appreciated by other users available on such as Shadow Defender, Power Shadow, Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition … , Shadow Defender provides tools to protect computer files from virus intrusion or other effects without complicated manipulation or using other supporting programs.
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