How to use DLC Boot, repair and rescue computer software

How to use DLC Boot, repair and rescue computer software

How to use DLC Boot will be shared by in this article. Currently DLC Boot tool is being used by many people to repair and rescue computers. If you use DLC Boot proficiency, you will fix the error on the computer easily.

With some key features such as backup and recovery, Windows Mini, Data Recovery, USB Boot, …. DLC Boot will be a great tool to help you easily repair and rescue the software. computer. The following article will guide you how to use DLC Boot, please follow along.

Instructions for using DLC ​​Boot

How to use DLC Boot

– Further reference: Instructions on how to download and install DLC Boot

– After installing DLC ​​Boot successfully, you start the software.

The tools in the Menu bar are in the order from left to right:

first – Back to Main view
2 – About: Information about DLC Boot software
3 – Check for Update: Check for the latest update
4 – Support: Contact support team
5 – Change the language Vietnamese – English
6 – Install DLC Boot Menu for Windows
7 – Creat USB. HDD box Boot: Create USB Boot, boot hard drive
8 – DLC Boot Lan: Tools for intranet
9 – Creat ISO: Create ISO boot file
10 – Add Wallpaper for Mini Windows: Add a desktop wallpaper for Windows mini
11 – Add Programs or Update DLC Boot: Add new programs or updates to DLC Boot
12 – Dos Soft Manager: Dos Soft Manager

using dlc boot 2

– You can change the language of the software into Vietnamese by clicking the Vietnam flag icon

using dlc boot 3

– DLC Boot’s tools are all out the interface, you can choose to use

using dlc boot 4

Instructions for creating USB Boot

– This is a most used feature of DLC Boot. Creating a USB Boot is the most effective way to reinstall Windows if your Windows fails, unable to log into the Windows desktop. When creating a USB Boot, it will contain Win Mini which can help you easily retrieve data from the desktop or drive C.

Step 1: You click on the icon USB Create USB Boot

using dlc boot 5

Step 2: You choose to tick the USB you want to create as USB Boot, tick USB Format I want to then click on Creat Boot to start creating USB Boot

using dlc boot 6

Step 3: Click Yes to confirm create USB Boot

using dlc boot 7

Step 4: The tool will let you run automatically after running is completed

using dlc boot 8

Step 5: The process is completed, click Ok, got it To confirm

using dlc boot 9

Hopefully the above article has helped you to better understand how to use DLC Boot as well as how to create USB Boot with DLC Boot. Good luck
UEFI is a new Windows installation format that brings many advantages to users and is commonly used today. You can refer to how Create UEFI standard USB boot with DLC Boot was shared on to better understand this issue.


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