How to use fake VPN Gate IP

How to use fake VPN Gate IP

Using VPN Gate fake IP is a simple way for you to access blocked websites, services or games in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows how to use this software, so the article below will share details from how to install to the use of VPN Gate fake IP software. Please read along.

The case of users using the Internet is having trouble due to optical cable breaks, resulting in reduced connection speed is common today. Along with that, many gamers who want to join a certain online game have a server in a foreign country but they are unable to play by the publisher … At this time, you will need that solution is to use the fake IP software to change to another IP and that software is VPN Gate which we introduced in the following article.

VPN Gate, also known as SoftEther VPN Client Manager, a software that helps users secure Internet connection, set up hidden IP address from which can fake IP from Vietnam to other countries. This will help make the internet speed more stable, avoid the situation of slow connection, can not connect and especially with the case of optical cable breaks.

1. Install VPN Gate fake IP

Step 1: First, you need to download the VPN Gate software, the latest version, by following the link.

Download VPN Gate here: VPN Gate

Step 2: Once downloaded, you proceed to extract by clicking on the installer and select Extract Here as shown below.

Step 3: Unzip the file, you double click or right-click the selected VPN Gate file Open

using vpn gate fake ip 2

Step 4: The installation of VPN Gate is relatively simple, so users only need to click Next at the dialog interface immediately after.

using vpn gate fake ip 3

Step 5: Next, we choose SoftEther VPN Client and press next to continue.

using vpn gate fake ip 4

Step 6: Put a check in the I agree to the End User License Agreement to accept the terms the software requires. Press next to continue.

using vpn gate fake ip 5

Step 7: Press next

using vpn gate fake ip 6

Step 8: Select the installation directory for the VPN Gate program or you can leave the default, press next to continue.

using vpn gate fake ip 7

Step 9: Press next

using vpn gate fake ip 8

The installation process on the device starts

using vpn gate fake ip 9

Complete the installation of VPN Gate, click finish to start the program.

using vpn gate fake ip 10

2. How to use VPN Gate fake IP

Step 1: After completing the installation of VPN Gate software, the user interface of the software will appear as SoftEther VPN Client Manager. Here you double click on the VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Server line to open a list of servers as well as create a VPN connection.

using vpn gate fake ip 11

Step 2: An introduction dialog opens, click OK to go to the next step.

using vpn gate fake ip 12

Step 3: Soon, a completely new dialog interface will appear with the list of VPN servers in countries as shown below.

using vpn gate fake ip 13

Step 4: On this list, you drag to the right of the dialog box and click the Ping tab (Google, SE) to sort by the lowest number of Ping and the highest Line Speed ​​(the server with low Ping index and High Line Speed ​​will ensure stability when creating VPN).

using vpn gate fake ip 14

For example, the image on Taimienphi will try with Jappan server (Japan). To connect, we will click on the button Connect to the VPN Server below the dialog interface.

Step 5: Immediately a dialog box appears, you click to select Agree to make the connection.

using vpn gate fake ip 15

Step 6: Next, the software will proceed to create a virtual network card and assign the corresponding IP address for the connection we have chosen. Click OK to agree.

using vpn gate fake ip 16

The process of creating a virtual network card starts

using vpn gate fake ip 17

If completed, you will receive a notification connecting to that VPN Server.

using vpn gate fake ip 18

And on the software interface, you will see the VPN Gate Connection line is Connected and the same IP address. Right below is the virtual network card that has been created.

using vpn gate fake ip 19

When you don’t want to fake IP anymore, just right-click on that VPN Gate Connection line and select Disconnect.
Above is a guide on how to use fake IP VPN Gate as well as using a foreign IP address to create stability when your home internet connection is having trouble accessing the website or service, especially the The game is not supported in Vietnam. In addition to the software that Taimienphi shared above, readers can also use a lot of other fake IP support software in the article list of the best fake IP software today that we have previously shared. I wish you success and good online time.


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