How to use FastStone Capture

How to use FastStone Capture

Use FastStone Capture, a useful software for recording and capturing computer screens, helping you save the most interesting and memorable moments when using the computer. Please follow the article below for instructions on how to use FastStone Capture.

FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, full-featured software that helps you take screenshots as well as record screen videos. You can easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, toolbars, etc. In addition, you can also record all activities on the screen. computer images and audio from microphones, etc. FastStone Capture also has built-in editing and sharing features of captured images and videos. Follow the article below for instructions on how to use FastStone Capture.

How to use FastStone Capture

How to use FastStone Capture, screen capture software, video recorder

You can download FastStone Capture to the computer using the link below

Download FastStone Capture

Step 1: After downloading, a small toolbar will appear, you can access any function from this toolbar.

using faststone capture 2

Step 2: Function buttons on the toolbar of Faststone Capture

first – Open file in Editor: Open the image you want to edit
2 – Capture active windows: Capture full screen
3 – Capture windows / object: Screen capture of window / optional object
4 – Capture Rectangular Region: Custom screen capture
5 – Capture Freehand Region: Screen capture according to mouse click area
6 – Capture Scrolling Windows: Screen capture in windows scroll bar
7 – Capture Fixed size Region: Screen capture by area with frame fixed
8 – Screen Recorder: Record screen video
9 – Output -> to Editor: Select output file
ten – Settings: The custom

using faststone capture 3

Step 3: Section Settings, you can set up more for Faststone Capture, keep clicking Settings

using faststone capture 4

Step 4: Here, you can see many of the custom tags for Faststone Capture, including:

Toolbar: Settings for the Faststone Capture toolbar
Capture: Set up for taking screenshots
Hotkeys: Set up keyboard shortcuts
File Name: Customize the default name of photos and videos when saving
Auto Save: set auto save
FTP: Automatically save to FTP
Print: Photo printing
Editor: Edit settings
Micellaneous: Set up screen video recording

using faststone capture 5

Hopefully with the above article, you can better understand how to use Faststone Capture, the function buttons as well as how to take screenshots, record videos with Faststone Capture.
Besides you can refer to more ways record screen with Faststone Capture through the article shared offline.


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