How to use FileZilla to back up your website data

FileZilla software helps you manage and exchange FTP, FTPS, SFTP server data with fast, reliable file processing speed. If you need to find a backup software, back up your website data, then FileZilla is the best option for you.

Has the same functionality as CuteFTP or Cyberduck however FileZilla selected more than CuteFTP because it is completely free and supports all 3 platforms Mac, Windows, Linux. In addition to copying website data, managing data, you can directly edit HTML, PHP, ASP, etc. files right on FileZilla.


Step 1: Download and install FileZilla here: Download FileZilla

Step 2: Launch the application, on the main FileZilla screen you need to log in to the address IP, port and admin account of the website to back up then click Quickconnect .

Step 3: After logging in, the software will display the data on your computer in the left pane and the data on your server in the right pane.

How to save filezilla state website

Step 4: Before performing a website data backup, point the left frame to the folder you have prepared on your computer to back up your website data and then lead the left frame to the directory containing data on the server. need backup (usually data contained inside public_html directory)

How to save filezilla state website

Step 5: You can select one or more data to backup, press Ctrl + A to select all data similar to the operation as on a computer. Then right-click and choose Download, all selected data will be downloaded to the folder you opened in the left pane.

How to save filezilla state website

Step 6: During the download, all information about the download process is like the number of files downloaded (Queue files), the file cannot be downloaded (Failed transfers), file successfully downloaded (Sucessful transfers) and the speed, size of the downloaded file to back up the website will be displayed in the box below.

How to save filezilla state website

After the download is complete, you can check all the data contained on the folder you selected on the computer.

How to save filezilla state website
Thus, has instructed you on how to back up website data with FileZilla to your computer, so that you can easily manage and store your website data more in case of data loss. server. In addition to storing and backing up website data on computers, you can also upload files to Google Drive to store data on Google’s server systems more safely.


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