How to use Format Factory Portable

How to use Format Factory Portable

Format Factory Portable is a shortened version, does not need to install Format Factory, still possesses all the necessary features to change video, audio, and images, but users need to learn some operations before starting to use. Use Format Factory Portable.

You are learning how to convert video formats to music files, or convert audio formats with a smaller capacity and you have not chosen the appropriate software. will guide you how to use Format Factory Portable through a series of our tips such as Convert photos to GIF by Format Factory as Pair audio with Format Factory

How to use Format Factory Portable

Although the village Portable But compared to the original Format Factory, the Format Factory Portable is equally inferior. Conversion speed and support for many video, image and audio formats will help you get many desired video and image files, in addition to Format Factory Portable, you can download Format Factory to use more features

How to use Format Factory Portable

Step 1: With the portable version you just need Download Format Factory Portable and run the program.

And this is the interface of the program

How to use the format factory

Step 2: You can choose the format change tail in the section “Option” and the converted data output at “Output Folder”

Use the factory format

Step 3: There are quite a few formats for you to convert. You can convert video, audio or image with Format Factory. The special thing when you use the Format Factory application is that the output videos or audio of you are of constant quality. Here will guide readers to convert Audio files into mp3 format of your choice “All to MP3” WMA, FLAC, AAC, … you do the same

How to use the format factory

Step 4: Select the music file you want to convert to mp3 format and press “Open”

Step 5: All to Mp3 window you choose “OK” to continue

And click “Start” to start the conversion

After converting the format to mp3, right-click the song and select “Open Output Folder” to go to the place of saving the converted mp3 file.
Above is how to use Format Factory so you can quickly convert music, video and image files to get the quality of the product. With Format Factory all work changing your music and photos has become a lot easier. Wish you have the most satisfactory products with Format Factory


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