How to use Foxit Reader to read PDF files and documents

Using Foxit Reader software to read PDF files and documents will be very helpful for you to help protect your PDF data in the best way. Here shows you how to use Foxit Reader easily and simply.

Foxit Reader is a very effective PDF reader. With the advent of it, the program has become an indispensable tool for: office workers, students, students, etc.With Foxit Reader in the hands of users, not to download the good books. PDF format can not open the file anymore.

How to use Foxit Reader to read PDF files and documents

If you have used this software, then surely you will see its utility, it is useful and easy to use also because foxit reader has a simple interface, just install and learn a little, then you have can use this software already.

Besides Foxit Reader, users can download Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Editor, Acrobat Pro … and many other software support to read pdf files, edit other pdf files to use for viewing pdf files and editing pdf on my computer

To those who do not know Foxit Reader can use this useful software, I would like to make an introduction to how to use the software.

Use Foxit Reader to read PDF files

Step 1: Download the latest version of Foxit Reader here: Foxit Reader
Step 2: After installation, the interface is as follows:

pdf file with foxit reader

Step 3: There are 2 ways to open a PDF file
Method 1: Initially you choose File ->Open -> Select the path Browse Navigate to the directory containing the PDF file

View pdf file with Foxit Reader

Then select a PDF file and select Open. You just need to select the file 1 time, the next time it is a PDF file the software will automatically receive and open

Create a pdf file with Foxit Reader

Method 2: When you install Foxit Reader, the pdf files will be converted to all formats of the software.
So you can also on that folder double click and open the pdf file up

Use the Foxit Reader mem software

After clicking to open the pdf file, the pdf file will look like this

How to use Foxit Reader

first: There are toolbars as well as details for you to customize the pdf file, such as zooming, zooming left, right rotation
2: Here the page number will be displayed, you can also choose to go to any page to read
3: Scroll bar up and down to view content
4: Toolbar zoom in, zoom out
The installation is complete. So you can use Foxit Reader to open PDF files, very simple, right, I hope you will enjoy reading good books in PDF format with this software.


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