How to use Furmark

How to use Furmark

In the last article, showed you how to install Furmark, CPU and GPU testing software. In this article, we will specifically guide how to install Furmark to help users better understand when installing Furmark to check their hardware.

Before Use Furmark Readers should note that this is a test software as well as error checking through hypothetical situations for your CPU and GPU. And as soon as you install Furmark, the software also warns that testing the CPU and GPU may increase the temperature at the time of use and if you feel overwhelmed, you should turn off immediately.

So before using Furmark consider though this is clearly displayed and always have a warning for you and if decided then proceed Install Furmark Then follow this tutorial to better understand what can be done when using Furmark test.

Furmark User Guide

Step 1: Once you open the Furmark software, you will see the Furmark interface is divided into two parts: CPU Burner and GPU Stress test for two parts, CPU and GPU.

using furmark 2

Step 2: First look in the Settings section – the settings here have some features you need to pay attention to:

3D Test options: This is the section to adjust the features that will appear when you test the CPU and GPU.

GPU temperature alarm: This is the most important part because it allows you to calibrate the stop temperature when the GPU reaches.

Benchmark durations: How many milliseconds to run the test.

Step 3: Next is the tool GPU-Z, this tool has the same function as CPU Z software if you have ever used it.

using furmark 3

In GPU – Z, you can see the parameters of your CPU, GPU.

using furmark 4

Include both VGA modes if you are using an Nvidia VGA laptop.

using furmark 5

Also allows viewers to find out how the GPU is running.

using furmark 6

Step 4: And with the tool GPU Shark then they can see more detailed parameters about GPUs available on laptops.

using furmark 7

Step 5: Finally, the most important part of the CPU Burner will let you test the CPU to get a score of CPU performance and then you can see the score.

using furmark 8

Step 6: In the next section, we will learn about GPU stress test including 3 main types:

GPU stress test: Tests of tolerance in pre-programmed assumptions.

Gpu Benmark: Test the score of the GPU but by each resolution.

Custom preset: Test the score of the GPU randomly.

using furmark 9

Step 7: And as the first article has warnings when using Furmark running this item you will receive a warning from the system about the cause when running but do not be too worried because if you find the temperature is too high you can turn off.

using furmark 10

The image below is the benmark interface of Furmark when used to test the GPU.

using furmark 11

The image will then display the score you can get, the result will be saved online so you can use it to compare it to other machines.

using furmark 12
Through the above article, we have partly understood the effect when using Furmark. This is not a concern of the majority of computer users, but for those who are curious about computers and hardware, you need to know how to use Furmark as well as current computer configuration checking tools. now on.


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