How to use FxSound Enhancer, increase sound quality

How to use FxSound Enhancer, increase sound quality

Users can use FxSound as a cost-effective and efficient support tool to automatically improve the sound quality of their computers without the need for complicated tweaks or equipment purchases. Specialized hardware and expensive.

Although the songs are well recorded, when listening to the popular computer and office lines, the quality is also significantly reduced. The main reason is limited by the output devices, hardware such as sound cards and speakers. To listen to music with better quality, many people choose to upgrade the hardware, but the cost is quite expensive.

How to use FxSound Enhancer

However, in this article, Taimienphi will reveal the secret of simple and economical software FxSound Enhancer to improve the sound quality with just a few taps.

Table of Contents:
1. How to use FxSound Enhancer.
2. Introduction of features.
2.1. Spectrum.
2.2. Effect.
2.3. EQ.

1. How to use FxSound Enhancer to listen to music better

To use FxSound Enhancer To improve the sound quality of your computer, you must first install the software. In order for the program to work best, you should install the latest version of FxSound Enhancer in the link below.
– Download the FxSound Enhancer software here: Download FxSound.

The relatively compact FxSound Enhancer software is less than 2MB in size and is compatible with most versions of Windows today.

2. Introduce the features of FxSound Enhancer software

The interface of FxSound Enhancer is relatively simple with the right area as the main work place, the left column is the main options respectively. Spectrum, Effect, EQ, Upgrade.

2.1. Spectrum

In this section there is only one chart showing the tempo and pitch of sounds and buttons Power with the activation function that allows FxSound Enhancer to work. It can be said that this is the home screen of the software.

using fxsound enhancer

2.2. Effect

Similar to the section in Spectrum, Effect also equipped with a sound chart is playing and the Power button. FxSound Enhancer Automatically creates the right settings so you can hear the best sounds. However, if not satisfied you can manually fine-tune by the functions below.

Fidelity (True Sound): Eliminate background noise and distortion restoring the original sound quality.
Ambience (Stereo): Create depth for the sound being played;
3D Surround (3D Surround Sound): Create multi-dimensional sound effects;
Dynamic Boost (Sound Size): Increase volume and sound quality better.
Bass: Improve, create deeper bass.

using fxsound

2.3. EQ

EQ stands for Equalizer – a tool to help you edit the frequency, balance the quality of the audio being played. FxSound Enhancer has pre-set to an average EQ, but depending on how you feel, you can adjust it as you like.

using fxsound enhancer

In the content of the article, Taimienphi has quickly introduced you to the tool FxSound Enhancer to help you improve sound quality effectively without the need for additional hardware. During the use process, if there are any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article for Taimienphi to answer as soon as possible! In addition, you can refer to more Software to increase sound quality Other available on
Good luck!


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