How to use Google Chrome, summarizes the basic functions you need to know

How to use Google Chrome, summarizes the basic functions you need to know

Google Chrome is a Web browser designed and developed by the world’s leading software manufacturer, Google. The following article of will guide all 5 basic functions to know when using Google Chrome for those who are new to this Web browser.

You are looking for a Web browser that fully meets your essential needs such as browsing speed and speed of data downloading, accessing multiple Websites at once … Google Chrome is The tool you are looking for.

How to use Google Chrome, summarizes the basic functions you need to know

Along with the revolutionary features that make Chrome the leading Web browser among 10 best Web browsers 2013 voted by famous website toptenreviews.

Table of Contents:
1. Search Function.
2. Anonymous Web access.
3. Bookmark a favorite Website.
4. Check spelling.
5. Open a Tab in a new window.

Summary of 5 basic functions of Google Chrome

1. Search Function

No need to visit the famous search engine support websites like Google good Bling, you can still search for the information you need directly on the Google Chrome interface.
Type the keyword you want to search directly into the URL bar of Chrome.

5 best practices google google

Press Enter On the keyboard, the search results will appear on the Google Search Website

Google Chrome

2. Anonymous Web access

Surfing the Web in an incognito window will help others accessing your computer not know what you’ve been up to on the Internet before, like not knowing which Web site you’re visiting or what data you’re downloading. .
On the Chrome interface, click the control bar located in the upper right corner of the screen, select New Incognito Windows (or use keystrokes Ctrl + Shift + N)

Access the anonymous web

3. Bookmark a favorite Website

In the process of searching for information on the Internet, you find a Web site that shares a lot of useful information, you should bookmark this Website for easy reference later. Use the bookmarking function available on Chrome to save these addresses.
Open the Web page you want to save, click the star icon at the end of the URL bar

Good luck with your Google Chrome

A pop-up dialog box appears for you to name this Website or change the directory containing the Web site.
Click Done to close the dialog box after the setup is complete

In addition, Google Chrome has a special feature

To revisit this Web site every time you use Chrome, just click on the control bar and select Bookmarks

using google chrome

To make bookmarks always appear on the Chrome Taskbar, after clicking Bookmarks Remember to choose the mode Show bookmarks bar (or use keystrokes Ctrl + Shift + B)

Google Chrome's policies

Or to see the list of bookmarked websites, also in the section Bookmark, choose Bookmark Manager (use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + O)

How to use Google Chrome

4. Check spelling

If you want to search for information from foreign websites but you are not sure whether the keyword you have entered is sufficient or the right word you want to search, the spell checking function available in Chrome will help you. Check most accurately the keywords you have entered.

Good luck with your Google Chrome

Right-click on the keyword you want to check, select Search Google for “…”

Good luck with your Google Chrome

Immediately, this function will automatically forward to the Google search engine and display the full keyword you are looking for.

Good luck with your Google Chrome

5. Open a Tab in a new window

If you have a lot of websites open on different tabs but want to see them at any time, it’s best to put that tab in a new window.
Hold the mouse on the Tab to open and drop it into the main interface of Chrome, automatically a new Web window will appear as the Web Page Tab you just dragged.

Good luck with your Google Chrome
Conclude: These are the 5 most basic functions of Google Chrome that you should know before using this utility to access the Internet. In addition, whenever a new version is available on the market, Google manufacturers often include the latest features and complete the existing features to meet your needs.
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