How to use Google Maps compass to determine direction

The compass on Google Maps will help us quickly determine the direction, especially when you are lost or in a remote place with no one to ask. Then the compass on Google Maps will help us know which direction we are going, thereby finding the way out. The following article will guide you to use the Google Maps compass to determine the direction.

Instructions for using the compass on Google Maps

Step 1:

First you need update Google Maps version on your phone then open the maps app. Next we will Turn on geolocation on your phone to determine where you are on the map.

Now you will see compass icon in the right corner of the map interface as shown below. If you do not see the compass icon, click the location icon to display it.

Step 2:

At the compass icon we will see 2 directions with 2 different arrow colors. The red arrow will always point North. Conversely, the gray arrow will always point South.

In addition, when looking at the blue positioning icon, you can determine the direction by looking at the V-shaped light beam to see your current movement direction.

Compass arrow indicates direction

Step 3:

We can adjust the North direction of the map upwards based on your current location.

If the beam is V-shaped, you are going North, otherwise, you are going South.

Determine the direction

If North is on the map, you can determine by the direction of the blue V-shaped beam. If this beam is pointing to the left, you are moving East and vice versa. .


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