How to use Hanoi SmartCity, supervise and isolate infected COVID-19

Instructions on how to use Hanoi SmartCity will help those who are in isolation due to infection or suspected of being infected with COVID-19 virus can easily share health status, related information, and support Health authorities control disease more effectively.

Application Hanoi SmartCity programmed to help people and the Hanoi city government monitor and monitor the quarantine COVID-19. The application exploits the global positioning system (GPS) on each phone, through which infected or suspected people can make medical reports or share their location, contributing to stability and disease control. better disease. In this article, Taimienphi will provide instructions to help people who are isolated due to a virus infection or suspected infection. How to use Hanoi SmartCity effective, accurate.

How to use Hanoi SmartCity for people isolating COVID-19

1. Medical declaration on Hanoi SmartCity
2. See plague statistics
3. View the map of infection

How to use Hanoi SmartCity

To monitor the situation of COVID-19’s disease or make a medical declaration on Hanoi SmartCity, users first need to download and install the application.
– Download Hanoi SmartCity for iPhone
– Download Hanoi SmartCity for Android

After installation is complete, open the application on the device and experience.

1. Make a report to the virus-infected person
Section Translation room , you choose the tag Declare . In this tab, there are the following:
Declaring the route : Virus infected person declares their travel route.
Declaring contact person : People infected with the virus report those who have been exposed.
Test results : In the case of community isolation, go to this section to view test results.
Monitoring daily health : People infected with the virus self-report daily health status in this section.
Talk to health authorities : A person infected with the virus sends a message, asking for help with the Health Agency
Share location: Activate sharing GPS positioning on the phone.
With the use of Hanoi SmartCity, patients will not need to leave the isolation location.

how to use smartcity

2. See statistics
On the working interface of the application, click on the item Translation room in the menu bar below the screen. Next, you choose the card Translation situation to see the latest statistics on COVID-19 translation.
In the statistics table, users can see lines such as: Case, Close contact, Isolation in the community, … statistics of cases Just discovered of the day and quantity Incremental.

how to use smartcity

Use Hanoi SmartCity to view the situation of Covid-19 disease

Further down, the app provides users with complete contact information for disease control facilities. In addition, you can refer to some articles and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

how to use smartcity

3. View translated map
With the use of Hanoi SmartCity, people can accurately track disease situation near their area. Also in the item Translation room , click the tab Translation map at the top of the screen. Here users will be able to know the exact whereabouts, activities of infected people or people in love isolation.

how to use ha noi smartcity
Through the content of the article, Taimienphi has instructed users – those who are being quarantined due to virus infection or suspected of using Hanoi SmartCity to declare safe and convenient information. Hopefully every citizen will join hands, contributing to self-discipline Medical declaration all people, together to protect public health more effectively.


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