How to use live wallpapers on Windows 11

Using a live wallpaper is a simple but useful idea that you should consider using if you want to make the desktop interface on your PC more vivid and less boring. However, it is quite a pity that Microsoft has not yet supported the feature of installing live wallpapers on Windows 11. Instead, you will need to use the help of third-party applications. Find out below.

Download the Lively Wallpaper app from the Microsoft Store

As mentioned, you will need the support of third-party applications if you want to install live wallpapers on Windows 11. There are many tools that can help you do that, but we recommend you to do so. Choose a software that is popular, used by many people and has positive reviews. This will avoid risks during use such as software conflicts, vulnerabilities, or even virus infection into the system.

The application recommended in this article is Lively Wallpaper, a free and open source application that supports the most popular and highly rated Windows wallpaper customization available today. Moreover, you can safely download Lively Wallpaper directly from a “reputable” source, the Microsoft Store. First, click the Windows Search icon on the taskbar, type “Microsoft Store” in the search box, and then click the Microsoft Store icon from the search results.

In the Microsoft Store, enter the keyword “Lively Wallpaper” in the search bar, then select the corresponding app from the search results returned.

Search “Lively Wallpaper”

Next, you will see some information about the application. Click the “Get” button on the right.

Click the “Get” button

Lively Wallpaper will be downloaded immediately. Once installed on your system, you can find and launch the application using Windows Search.

Find and launch apps using Windows Search

Choose a live wallpaper from the Lively Wallpaper library

By default, there will be an extremely rich library of live wallpapers for you to choose from. In this example, we will choose Parallax.js.

Choose a live wallpaper

The live wallpaper you choose will be immediately applied on the system.

Set Custom Video, YouTube Video or GIF as Wallpaper

If you don’t find a wallpaper you like from Lively Wallpaper’s library, you can choose your own wallpaper using a video or GIF on your PC, or even embed a YouTube video.

To get started, open the app, then click the plus (+) icon in the left pane.

Click the plus icon

On the next screen, if you want to select a video or GIF from your PC, click “Browse” in the Select File section.

Click “Browse”

File Explorer will open. Find the video or GIF you want to use, select it, then click “Open”.

Click “Open”

In case you want to use a YouTube video, enter its URL in the “Enter URL” text box, and then click the arrow button on the right.

Enter the URL

Whether you choose a local video, GIF, or YouTube video, it will appear in the app’s library. Click the library button (three books icon) in the left pane, then select the video or GIF you just uploaded.

Live wallpaper has been applied.

Set live wallpaper on multiple screens

If you’re using a PC with a multi-monitor setup, you may notice that normal wallpaper changes will only be applied to one monitor. To set a live wallpaper on other monitors, open the Lively Wallpaper app and click the Control Panel icon (monitor shape) in the upper-right corner of the window.

Click on the Control Panel icon

The default placement method is “Selected Screen Only”, which means that the wallpaper you choose will only be displayed on a specific screen. To set the same wallpaper on other screens, click on that screen in the Choose Display section.

Choose Display

Now, go back to the app’s gallery and select the wallpaper you want to set.

You can also change the position of the selected wallpaper. That is, it can be set to make the selected wallpaper stretch across all screens.

Change position of selected wallpaper

Close Lively Wallpaper

If you decide to stop using the live wallpaper you’ve set up with Lively Wallpaper, open the app and then click the Control Panel icon in the upper-right corner of the window.

Click on the Control Panel icon

Next, click on “Close Wallpapers” in the lower right corner.

Click “Close Wallpapers”

The wallpaper will be deleted.


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