How to use Microsoft To-Do

Recently, Microsoft has launched To-Do application to support users to schedule personal plans, very handy reminder list. To know how to use Microsoft To-Do, the application reminds this work plan, please find out the following article with

There are many tools that help users create notes, reminders, to-do lists, and more Wunderlist creates multi-platform notes. But recently, stuff To-Do Microsoft’s definition of creating a completely new reminder calendar with specialized features and a beautiful interface design, platform support Web, Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS makes it possible for users to use Microsoft To-Do on any device.

How to use Microsoft To-Do, schedule work with To-Do

Step 1: If you use a computer, you can access and use Microsoft To-Do HERE

Step 2: On the main interface of the application, click the item Log in and To-Do will require you to use your Microsoft account to be able to use this application on the web and other platforms of Microsoft To-Do.

Step 3: Press Have to authorize the To-Do application with your Microsoft account. This will help each time you use Microsoft To-Do, schedule your work with To-Do synchronized on all devices using the same Microsoft account.

using microsoft to do 2

Step 4: After returning to the To-Do website, click Begin to get started on how to use Microsoft To-Do.

using microsoft to do 3

Step 5: In the left pane, click New listing to start scheduling yourself.

using microsoft to do 4

Step 6: Initially the list did not have a name, so you need to name it.

how to use microsoft to do 5

Step 7: Left click on More to-do to make a list of things you want to do today and in the future.

using microsoft to do 6

Step 8: Once you have a full list, click on each calendar to start setting reminders at the right pane.

using microsoft to do 7

Step 9: You can schedule an exact time and date for fixed hour reminders at the section Reminds me.

using microsoft to do 8

Step 10: Add notes to know exactly what your reminder or agenda is for.

using microsoft to do 9

Step 11: Besides, you can schedule daily, weekly alarms with entries Date of maturity when using Microsoft To-Do.

using microsoft to do 10

Step 12: When the time comes you have scheduled a reminder. For example like Studying on 18h01. The application will notify on all devices that have To-Do installed and synchronized with Microsoft accounts.

using microsoft to do 11

Step 13: After you have completed the task you have scheduled with To-Do, you can right-click on the job and select Mark as done or Delete selected to-do list .

using microsoft to do 12

With the use of Microsoft To-Do, scheduling work with To-Do has been guided above, you can easily schedule future work on any device you have instead of Create notes right on the computer screen. To-Do app promises to bring more new features in the future and will be a best choice for those who need to find a reminder application.
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