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How to use MP3 Cut to cut music


You have a Mp3 song that you absolutely love, you want to cut this piece of music to be a ringtone, a ringback tone but not sure what to do? Wondering which music cutter software you should use? The article on how to use MP3 Cut to cut music below will help you give yourself a more reasonable choice.

With features like free, compact, fast music cutting, professional music file management, MP3 Cut seems to be the first choice for users who want to cut, split large music files into small pieces of music. . MP3 Cut supports a wide range of formats and unlimited file sizes, using the drag and drop method will make the process of cutting music become faster and easier than ever. Posts “How to use MP3 Cut to cut music“below will help you better understand the functionality of the software.

using mp3 cut de cat music

How to use MP3 Cut to cut music

If the software has not been successfully installed, please refer to how install Mp3 Cut here

The interface of the software is very simple, fully functional of the software

1 – Menu Bar: contains functional commands of the software
2 – Function bar: Function buttons of the software such as adding audio files, cutting files, customizing published music files, …
3 – Manage folders, music files
4 – List of music files added to perform music cutting

using mp3 cut de cat music 2

Function buttons are available on the function bar

1 – Add audio files to the software – Shortcut: F6
2 – Add external folders from subfolders to add entire playlists – Shortcut: F7
3 – Add a folder including subfolders to add the whole playlist – Shortcut: F8
4 – Cut the music file in the list – Shortcut: F3
5 – Open the published audio file setup panel – Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + O
6 – Download software to join audio files
7 – Open the MP3 Cut user guide
8 – Information about software

using mp3 cut de cat music 3

Proceed to cut the music file

We will conduct an example of cutting a music file available in the computer

Step 1: Click the add music button (+ symbol) on the function bar or use the keyboard shortcut F6

using mp3 cut de cat music 4

Step 2: Browse to the folder with the music file to cut, select the file and click Open to add

using mp3 cut de cat music 5

Step 3: You open the setting table of the published Audio file by clicking on the screwdriver icon on the function bar or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O

using mp3 cut de cat music 6

Step 4: At the dialog box that appears, there are 3 items for you to set as Cutting Mode (cutting method), Output Folder (the directory where the publication file is saved), Encoder Settings (audio file encoding settings).

Cutting mode: Including 3 methods of file cutting are By Length (by length), By size (by capacity, in MB units), By Count of Equal Length Clips (in equal paragraphs)
Output Folder: You can save the file in the same directory as the input file (Same Folder), or manually choose a saved folder (Save the file to)
Encoder Settings: You can set it up Sampling Frequency (sampling frequency), Channel Mode (channel type), Bits per Second (number of bits per second)
If you want the settings to return to the default, click Reset. After setup is complete, you click OK, got it.

using mp3 cut de cat music 7

Step 5: Click on the drag icon or shortcut F3 to start cutting music files

using mp3 cut de cat music 8

Step 6: Wait a moment for the software to finish cutting the music. Then click finish to complete

using mp3 cut de cat music 9
So you’re done using MP3 Cut to cut the music. Now you can create your own unique ringtone, ringback tones files yourself. In case you do not want to use the software, you can use the way MP3 cutter does not use software that we have instructed. Good luck



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