How to use to store 10GB of data online is an online file storage service that has a lot of similarities when users are allowed to save 10 GB of Online data without saving any account or any forced from

No need to register for an account, so you don’t have to log in, and’s freedom is one of the strangest things an online file storage service offers. However, is not inferior to any online storage service like Google Drive or OneDrive, Dropbox. One extremely powerful point when using that Dropbox and Ondrive storage services do not have is the ability to upload 10 GB files completely free, with no storage limit.

However, readers also need to understand that the files are saved there will be a self-destruct mechanism after a certain period of use so 10 GB file storage is not forever, but this is also considered a new point that surpasses any online storage service. The current. Due to the fact that current service providers only allow you to store up to 1 to 2GB of storage, and must be a VIP account. But with it is wise, it applies to all file types and anyone who uses instructions for saving 10 GB of data

Step 1: To be able to use, you first need to access the service HERE.

Step 2: When the loading interface is finished, you have 2 options to upload files to, one is Using drag and drop files into and the other option is to press Click Here or Drag & Drop To Start Uploading to proceed to select the file to upload.

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 2

Step 3: Select any file on your computer and click Open to open that file. Here try a small file to see the upload speed when using like.

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 3

Step 4: You will see the interface immediately below, quite simple and also full of features. The best part is that you don’t have to register to use

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 4

Step 5: After successful upload, you can Direct copy link or on Options to adjust the parameters of the downloaded file.

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 5

Step 6: supports setting Password, with set a password for this file Included feature Disable previews for this file (prevent previewing).

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 6

In addition the system also limits the date of existence of the file 30 days maximum before it destroys itself. This is one of the weaknesses of if you want to store for long.

Step 7: Now let’s test with an iSO file with a capacity of nearly 4 GB.

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 7

Step 8: You will be surprised when the upload speed of is quite fast and even with a 4 GB file is accepted, the maximum that announced is about 10 GB.

using nofile io luu 10gb online data 8

Features available in

– Allow to set password, encrypt file
– Allow downloading up to 10 GB unlimited files
– The maximum storage period is 30 days.
– No need to register, login when using
– Friendly interface, easy to use, easy to share.

Above is our guide to using, one of the novel online storage services available today. For those who want to share large files, using is a great thing. There are many features available in that this article has not introduced yet. promises in the next article will help readers better understand this service.
And for those who want to use online storage services on their phones can use Google Drive on their phones, Google Drive supports both on iPhone and Android, so using Google Drive on phones is the optimal choice. for you, especially on Android, because you can always use your Gmail account.


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