How to use Photomath to fake math exercises quickly with many different ways

Photomath is known as an application to solve math problems through Camera on Smartphone quickly in a short time with many different solutions. The following article will guide you how to use Photomath to solve exercises.

Photomath Is one Application to solve exercises through taking photos, cameras Currently, providing detailed results and solutions step by step to help learners know the methods and steps to do the test, Photomath’s interface is simple and friendly, so how to use Application to solve exercises via camera Photomath is very easy, you only need to follow the instructions once to be able to do it, find the right Math solutions.

The best software for solving exercises with the best useful camera today Photomath

How to use the application to solve exercises through the camera

To use Photomath to solve exercises through camera images, you need to download PhotoMath to your phone:

– Load Photomath for Android
– Load Photomath for iPhone

Implementation steps:

Step 1: You open the Photomath application on your phone, at the bottom of the interface, if you see Vietnamese:
– You click on “Let’s go” (Figure 1) to use the Vietnamese interface application.
– To skip the ads, introduce the basic steps, then click on “Skip“, otherwise you click arrow in the opposite corner (Figure 2).

tap through the camera bang easily

Step 2: The application asks “Allow Photomath to take photos and record videos“, you click on “Allow” (Figure 3). At this point, you Hold your phone to the Math problem you want to solve then click red circle button below the interface (Figure 4).

– Remember to put the Math problem you want to solve inside the red rectangular frame displayed on the screen for easy identification by the application.
– You can adjust that rectangular frame as big as you want with the allowed size of the application.

Use the camera to tap through the camera

Step 3: The application will display the results of that exercise, click “Show solution steps” (Figure 5). You look at the bottom of the interface, you click “Explain the steps” (Figure 6) to see how to solve each step.

app to solve problems with pictures

Step 4: At this point, Photomath displays the explanation of the first step, click “Next” (Figure 7) to see the explanation of the next step, until the Solution is displayed as shown in Figure 8.

the game hit the camera
In addition to solving problems in Textbooks and Math Workbooks from grade 1 to grade 12, how to use Application to solve exercises via camera Using this Photomath application, it also allows students to solve all the problems that they encounter such as in tests, exams, assignments given to them by teachers and teachers.

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