How to use PowerPoint, create professional presentation slides

How to use PowerPoint, create professional presentation slides

How to use professional PowerPoint will be shared by in the article below. Creating PowerPoint slides on computers has become popular, helping you to have professional presentations.

To build a professional slide with PowerPoint is not easy for a beginner. However, with just a few tips that Taimienphi introduces in the article How to use PowerPoint, create professional presentation slides, you can apply to build your slides more professionally for presentations. at work and in school.

Instructions for using PowerPoint, creating professional presentation slides

Use Microsoft Powerpoint Template

By default, Microsoft Powerpoint software has provided a number of available Powerpoint templates (Template) designed very professionally. You can immediately use these PowerPoint templates to make your own slides.

To open these available Tamplate, in the main interface of Powerpoint, click the Design tab, then select the available Template to suit the theme of the slide.

using powerpoint, create professional training slides

Even within each available Template, you can edit the objects in it so that reasonable

using powerpoint, create professional training slides

In addition, you can add external Template or save the Template after it has been edited into a new version to use later.

use powerpoint

Insert videos, photos into slides

Multimedia files such as videos, photos will make your slides richer and more professional. To insert photos, videos, audio files into slides, open the Powerpoint interface, click the Insert tab. From here you can add slides to your liking.

using powerpoint, create professional training slides

In addition, Microsoft also supports inserting a lot of other files or images into slides. You can choose and insert as you like

Using Powerpoint with effects (Animation)

The sound effects, effects, motion are all called Animation. These effects, if used properly, will create a professional look for your slides. However, you should consider because using too much in the same slide will create confusion as the opposite effect.

To add effects, you click on the Animation tab, select moving objects, then select the motion effects above.

In particular, when hovering over these effects, there will be a preview for you to preview before making your choice.

using powerpoint, create professional training slides

Save used fonts in accordance with Powerpoint file

Normally, when using a computer and making slides with Powerpoint, you will use many different fonts such as VNI, Calligraphy … however, not all computers have the fonts that you have used. When you slide that slide to another computer without the corresponding font, it will display errors.

Microsoft Powerpoint has added useful options to help these fonts follow the Slide file so that they can be displayed normally on other computers even if they do not support the corresponding font.

To save the fonts that accompany the Powerpoint file, do the following:

Step 1: Click the tab File on the Microsoft PowerPoint interface

using powerpoint, creating professional training slides

Step 2: Click to select the item Option

Use Microsoft Powerpoint

Step 3: In the window Option, select the item Save, tick the box Embed fonts in the file

Use the powerpoint mem

Embed only the characters used in the presetation (best for reducing file size): This option helps users save only fonts, users can not edit more when transferred to another computer. This option will make the slide file more compact

Embed all characters (best for editing by other people): This option stores the font and allows users to continue editing with that font in the slide file. However, saving the file with this option will be much larger.

Use useful keyboard shortcuts

Press the key combination Shift + F3: Quickly convert uppercase to lowercase

Click B To darken the screen when the slide is running, press B to keep the slide running again. Similarly, press W To whiten the screen when the slide is running, press W to continue running the slide

Press the key combination 1+ Enter To return to the first slide, similar to the other slides, press number of slides + Enter to jump to that numbered slide
Above are some ways to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create professional slides. These are very basic ways, but highly effective if used properly. Please share more common tips. In addition, Microsoft in Powerpoint also supports you Draw mind maps in powerpoint, you can refer to and apply it in your work.


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