How to use Roping on Coc Coc to buy cheap online

How to use Roping on Coc Coc to buy cheap online

Thanks to using Ro Rang on Coc Coc browser, people who have the habit of online shopping on e-commerce sites will get an attractive refund on each transaction, participating in Ro Rang via Coc Coc that you will be satisfied. purchase the power of favorite or essential items right away at the cost of savings without worrying or waiting.

Roping is a refund service developed by Cup Cup. Accordingly, when users register an account and install this add-on on the browser and proceed with shopping. This utility will automatically add a refund to the user’s account for every transaction made at the E-commerce sites linked to Roping.

Shopping economically thanks to the Rop Rails utility on Coc Coc

TipsUsing Coc Coc – Helping Online shopping better price

With such attractive benefits, it is not difficult to understand when this utility is quickly used by millions of users. And you, have you used the R respence utility? If not, then let Taimienphi learn about the registration and Use Roi on Coc Coc Please!

1. Download Rao Rỉnh
2. Turn on Roi when turned off
3. Create your account of Rống Rỉnh
4. Use Ro Ran to buy cheap goods Online

How to use Roi on Coc Coc online shopping cheap

* Download Rống Rỉnh on computer

Currently the R respence utility is installed by default on Coc Coc web browser. Users can immediately use the utility without installation. In case you have not installed the Cốc Cốc browser, immediately download the latest version in the following link.

– Download the Cốc Cốc browser here: Download Cup Cup

* Turn on Gong Rails when turned off

In case you do not see this utility on Coc Coc then please open browser , click on the item Setting , choose Utilities .

How to win on coc coc online shopping online re 2

In the new window, scroll down to find Roi in the list and drag the slider to the right to activate the utility;

how to shake on coc coc online shopping

After installing, or activating successfully, the Roi utility icon will appear in the browser menu bar as shown below.

How to win on coc coc online shopping 4

* Sign up for Rống Rỉnh account

Step 1: You access the home page of Rủng Rỉnh by link HERE;

Step 2: In the account creation dialog, you choose to create an account by Sign up with Facebook , Sign up with Google good Sign up by Email .

how to win on coc coc shopping online 5

Step 3: The browser will display a dialog box that requires you to log in to your account and request permission to operate. You just need to follow the request.

how to win on coc coc shopping online 6

* Shop to get a refund with Ro Rang

Method 1: You access to the website Ràn Rặc by address HERE;

On the website interface, you will see a list of stores such as Shopee, Adayroi, Tiki, Sendo, FPT … which are affiliated with Rống Rỉnh. Click on the item All stores, Select favorite store in the list and click the button Buy now next to start shopping and enjoy great cashback.

how to win on coc coc online shopping 7

Method 2: You directly access the ecommerce sites that partner with Roping . Click on it utility icon On the menu bar, select Activate refunds up to … and make purchases as usual.

How to win on coc coc online shopping 8
So Taimienphi has guided you in detail the most necessary steps to Use Roi on Coc Coc Shopping online at ease but still very economical. Hopefully, after consulting the content of the article, you will quickly register and get acquainted with the roulette utility. Besides, you can refer a lot shopping application Other available on to have more options.


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