How to use Snagit to take photos and record videos on your computer screen

How to use Snagit to take photos and record videos on your computer screen

Using Snagit to record videos, or capture computer screens is an effective measure that most users nowadays, Snagit has many functions to support image editing appropriate for the articles and tips. computer

Snagit or Faststone Capture, … are all software that supports recording, capturing computer screens effectively, unlike the tools available in the system such as Paint or Snip Tools, these are all There are advanced functions that meet the needs of users.

Snagit is a screen capture and video capture application and has a built-in photo editing tool to help with quick editing. However, there are many people who do not know how to use this tool to take pictures. The following article will guide you how to use Snagit to take photos with just a mouse click.

Required before installation: To install Snagit requires your computer to use the Windows operating system of Micrsoft.
Processor must be 2.4GHz or higher and Ram must be at least 1G.

How to use Snagit to take photos and record videos on your computer screen

Download Snagit for Windows here: Snagit
Download Snagit for Mac here: Snagit for Mac

Step 1: Boots up Snagit by checking the Snagit icon at the top of the screen.

faststone capture

Next, click on the icon as shown in the illustration.

Next, the image capture feature will appear. You take a photo by dragging the mouse to position the image size. After dragging out, release the mouse button.


Step 2: After shooting, the software will automatically move you to the folder Snagit Editor to edit and set photograph parameters.

Step 3: After customizing, you can save the captured image (can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S).

You can save your picture in 2 modes Save(simple picture saving mode) and Save as(advanced archive mode),

Next, After choosing the file format, save. A window save as appears and asks you to select the storage directory and image file format.

After making your selection, click Save to complete the installation process.
By using Snagit software to take photos, users will take less time than the old way. In addition, Snagit also provides a series of photo editing tools to help you create photos taken easily without much effort. As mentioned above, Faststone Capture is also one of the effective photography software, you can download Faststone Capture to record screen movies with light capacity but extremely high quality.


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