How to use SONY Vegas Pro

SONY Vegas Pro is a professional video editing and editing software. Through the use of SONY Vegas Pro below, guide will help you grasp the basic functions as well as the simple use of the software to start the video editing work with SONY Vegas Pro.

Before starting the tutorial on how to use Sony Vegas Pro, you need to have the software installed on your computer. If you do not know how to install Sony Vegas, you can refer to the instructions How to install Sony Vegas to install great video editing and editing software on your computer.

SONY Vegas Pro There are many great functions such as cutting, joining video at the basic level, providing a large library of effects for you to create beautiful, professional movies. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, powerful and feature-rich software, then SONY Vegas Pro is definitely the right software for you.

How to use SONY Vegas Pro

Step 1: Start SONY Vegas Pro, at the software’s main interface. To start making edits to a video file of your choice File ->Import ->Media.

using sony vegas pro 2

Step 2: After adding the file, you will see 2 rows at the bottom, these rows are called Track, including the image processing track at the top and the video processing track at the bottom.

how to use sony vegas pro 3

Step 3: For image processing tracks, you can drag the slider to customize the transparency of the video / image. On the audio processing track, you can increase or decrease the sound level.

using sony vegas pro 4

Step 4: At the item TransitionsYou can choose beautiful transition effects.

using sony vegas pro 5

Step 5: To add an effect to the video, you will need to click effect icon located on the image processing track as shown below.

using sony vegas pro 6

Step 6: Using Sony Vegas Pro, you will be provided with a lot of beautiful effects and color libraries for your videos. Besides, you can also search for effects, filters available online and install them into Sony Vegas Pro.

how to use sony vegas pro 7

Step 7: Sony Vegas Pro will display a small screen for you to know the specific result of the video you are processing.

how to use sony vegas pro 8

Step 8: After you have done the editing video, montage finished. In addition to saving as a Sony Vegas project with Save as … then you can choose Export to turn to other video and image editing tools to continue working.

how to use sony vegas pro 9

Step 9: To output a complete video file, you choose File ->Render As …

using sony vegas pro 10

Step 10: The software supports many different audio and video formats. So you can use Sony Vegas Pro to output a lot of quality files, customize the size, resolution, …

how to use sony vegas pro 11
Above is how to use Sony Vegas Pro, a great video editing and editing software. Sony Vegas Pro still has lots of other powerful features like Use Sony Vegas Pro to create intro videos. For instructions on other features in more detail, please look forward to the detailed tutorial article of offline.


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