How to use TeamViewer effectively, connect to a remote computer

How to use TeamViewer effectively, connect to a remote computer

TeamViewer is considered to be an alternative to LogMeIn and is the best remote control and connection software available today, if you are new to TeamViewer, in the article below will share how to use and download Effective TeamViewer.

With an intuitive interface, easy to use and is free software, TeamViewer is currently one of the best remote control and connection software for today. The following article will introduce and share some tips to use Team Viewer effectively so you can control computers remotely using TeamViewer best..

How to use TeamViewer effectively

Table of Contents:
1. About TeamViewer.
2. Support multiple simultaneous remote control sessions.
3. Record the session to watch later.
4. Share files.
5. Adjust the display settings.
6. Quick chat feature.
7. Remote control via phone or tablet.
8. Share on a single window.
9. Create an account.
10. Use the web browser.
11. Explore the options.

Instructions on how to use TeamViewer effectively

1. TeamViewer is cross-platform software

Rarely does any remote desktop software, such as TeamViewer, work on almost any platform, including Linux, Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 / RT. Thus users can connect with their device or friends and relatives on any device via TeamView.

cat using teamviewer

2. Support multiple simultaneous remote control sessions

TeamViewer allows users to connect and remotely control multiple computers simultaneously. In the top left corner of the software interface window you will see a sign icon +, click on it to open a new session tab on the same window.

using teamviewer

3. Record the session to watch later

If you want to record a session to see some important technical errors, on the TeamViewer connection window, click Extras => Record at the top of the toolbar.

At this time, the screen will display 3 options: Start, Pause and Stop. During the session recording, at the top right corner of the window you will see the REC icon. When the recording stops, you will be prompted to save the file.

Video files opened and played using TeamView can be converted to other formats.

how to use teamviewer quickly

4. Share files

TeamViewer is also a great way to share multimedia files, data, especially in the case if you share data with people who are “computer blind”.

To share files, access the TeamViewer toolbar, then click File Transfer. On the screen will display 2 options: File Transfer (access shared files from your computer) and File Box (drag and drop files to share).

cat using teamview

If you want to share files but do not want to have trouble connecting to other computers, go back to TeamViewer screen, select File Transfer =>Connect to partner, then drag and drop files into it and you’re done.

meow using teamview yesterday

The third option is window access Computers & ContactsRight-click the user / computer you want to share files with, and then click the paperclip icon.

the user manual teamviewer understand through

5. Adjust the display settings

If desired, you can also customize different picture settings for the remote device to optimize speed and reduce the resolution. To do this, access the View on the TeamViewer toolbar (while connected).

The following options will appear: Quality, Scaling, Screen Resolution, Show whole desktop, Remove wallpaper and some other options. Also in the Extras menu, you will also see buttons Full Screen.

Hello, I use TeamViewer to understand

6. Quick chat feature

TeamViewer has built-in chat feature, users do not need to download and install additional 3rd party chat applications. To access and use this feature, you just need to click on the arrow icon small in the top right corner to expand the chat window. Here you can text, or make a video call to the person on the other end.

Hello, I use TeamViewer to understand

7. Remote control via phone or tablet

In case you do not have a computer or laptop, but you need to connect and access another user’s computer for technical support. As mentioned above, TeamViewer is cross-platform, including mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Therefore, the effective TeamViewer usage tip is that you can take advantage of This advantage of the software to control many different devices.

how to use teamviewer quickly

You can download the application to your mobile device and install it to access and control the computer and files that other users share. TeamView for mobile devices has a much simpler and easier to use interface.

To download TeamViewer and install it, visit here.

Download TeamViewer for Windows here: Download TeamViewer
Download TeamViewer for Mac here: Download TeamViewer For Mac
Download TeamViewer for Android here: Download TeamViewer For Android
Download TeamViewer for iOS here: Download TeamViewer For iPhone

8. Share on a single window

If you want to present or do not want to display your entire computer, all you need to do is click the double arrow icon in the top right corner of any window when TeamViewer is running and select the contact. You want to share the window.

how to use teamviewer quickly

9. Create an account

One of the preeminent features of TeamViewer is account creation support. With the account created on TeamView, you can set a personal password and Log in to TeamViewer on any device that supports this computer control software.

how to use teamviewer quickly

To do this, you visit Connection in the top right corner of TeamViewer window and click Setup unattended access. Follow the on-screen instructions to set a device name and password.

how to use teamviewer quickly

10. Use the web browser

If you want, you can log in to your TeamViewer account on a web browser so you can easily view and access the computers of other users in your contacts. This feature is really useful when you need to access your browser or help someone while working.

Team cat teamviewer understand 14

11. Explore the options

Although TeamViewer works well with the default settings, but if you want to make the most of the application, you can consider the options included. Access Extras =>Options, scroll through different tabs from the General tab to the Advanced tab.

how to use teamviewer quickly

how to use teamviewer quickly
Above has just shared with you some ways to use TeamViewer effectively. Hopefully the article above has provided you with some useful information and tips to use TeamView more effectively. If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments below.


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