How to use the Fn key on Lenovo Laptop keyboard

Laptop keyboard or many other common keyboards are designed with an Fn key (Function Key) to save space on the keyboard as well as help us easily use the Fn key with other keys to adjust the volume. , screen brightness, … This article will show you how to use the Fn key on a Lenovo Laptop keyboard

The Fn key is often combined with a key sequence from F1 to F12 to enable / disable other functions according to the system default settings. You will need to learn How to use the Fn key on a Laptop keyboard to better understand how to use this Fn (function) key.

How to use the Fn key on a Laptop keyboard

1. Turn on / off Function Key

Fn Lock has the same function as Caps Lock, when you turn on Fn Lock you do not need to press the Fn key anymore, just press the key containing the same function as the Caps Lock is enabled, it will always capitalize letters so

use the film on your laptop

In the example below, the Fn Lock key is the Esc key. To enable Fn Lock to open, press Fn + ESC and turn off Fn Lock in the same way

2. Change settings in BIOS / UEFI

Most laptops have an Fn Key setting in their BIOS or UEFI. So you’ll need to tweak it in your BIOS / UEFI before using the Fn key on your laptop keyboard. Boot your computer, use the shortcut to Boot Option and the BIOS of the computer line and change the settings of the Function Key

Fn movie on laptop

3. Change options on Control Panel.

If you use Windows via Boot Camp on a Mac, you can open the Boot Camp Configuration Panel on the System Tray and look for the option “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” under the Keyboard tab

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4. Shortcut key combined with Fn key

When using the Fn key simultaneously with one of the shortcuts below on Lenovo Laptop will help you quickly manipulate an action. As follows :

F1 : Sound off
F3 / F2 : Increase or decrease the volume
F4 : Close the currently active window
F5 : Refresh desktop
F6 : Turn on / off Touchpad
F7 : Turn on / off Wifi
F8 : Show all running applications
F9 : Turn on / off the screen
F10 : Export the image to an external monitor
F12 / F11 : Increase or decrease the screen brightness
Above, has shown you how to use the Fn key on a detailed and detailed Laptop keyboard. Alternatively, you can find out, turn off the FN function key + F1, F2, F3, … F12 on Laptop to set up Fn Key setting. Moreover, you can refer to the general article keyboard shortcuts on Windows 8 Also very useful to save you a lot of time while using the computer.


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