How to use the Meet Now feature on the new Skype

Meet Now feature on Skype allows users to easily connect with anyone they want even if they did not own, register a Skype account before, as long as the device has a stable Internet connection.

In the recently released version of Skype 8.55, Microsoft has officially introduced the Meet Now feature to users. With Meet Now, users can create an online chat, video meeting with users who do not own a Skype account.

How to use Meet Now on Skype

Instead, simply click on a link shared by one person in the group and you will immediately be able to join the meeting or chat group. This way, you can connect with many people more easily by sending links via email, social networking messages, text messages, …

Instructions for using the Meet Now feature on Skype

Meet Now is a new feature launched on Skype version 8.55, users of the older version will not see this feature. Therefore, you need to immediately update the latest Skype chat software through the following link.
– Download the latest version of Skype here: Download Skype

Create a meeting and send an invitation to use Meet Now

After the update is complete, open Skype, log in as usual and follow the instructions below.
Step 1: Click the icon Meet Now (Meeting) with camera image in the card conversation in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

how to use the meet now user guide on skype new 2

Step 2: In the welcome window, you can preview your video screen and send invitations to others. Click on it Share the invitation , you will have 4 choices:
Copy the invitation: Copy the link and share it anywhere you want.
Danh got Skype: Invite people on your friends list on Skype.
Outlook mail: Send invitations through Outlook email service
Gmail: Send invitations with the Gamail service.

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Step 3: After the invitation has been sent, click the button Initiate call .

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The Meet Now screen will display as a regular group video call.

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Join Meet Now Skype meetings

For regular Skype users, simply click the link in the invitation to join the meeting, chat on Meet Now. But for users who do not have a Skype account, you can register for a Skype account or join as a Guest.
Step 1: Click on the link you are sent to
Step 2: A working window of Skype in the browser appears. You choose Join as guest (Join as guest)

how to use the meet meet user guide now on skype 6

Step 3: Enter your name, then press Join (Join)

how to use the meet meet user guide on skype new 7

The meeting screen appears, you can participate in chatting, texting like users with regular Skype accounts.

how to use the meet meet user guide on skype new 8
Thus, Taimienphi has introduced you the necessary steps to activate and use the Meet Now feature on the new version of Skype. Hopefully with this tip, you will be able to talk with your friends and partners more easily and conveniently whether or not you own a Skype account.


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