How to use the Ping command

How to use the Ping command

You can completely test your network connection without using any software by using the Ping command. will guide you in detail how to check the website with the Ping command in the content below.

An unstable connection is a warning that your network may be down. Now you decide to download the software to check, but this is not necessary. On Windows, you can use 2 tools available and completely free to perform network testing by How to use the Ping command.

Instructions on how to use the Ping command to test the network

Ping – Packet Internet Grouper is a command to check the stability of the network connection. When you type the Ping command to check the network the system will send 4 files with 32-bit capacity to that website address. Based on the response time, the system will statistically specific numbers for your reference.

The Ping command works on both tools Cmd – Command Prompt and Windows Powershell. To open the tool, follow the instructions.

+ Open the Cmd – Command Prompt tool: You press the key combination Window + R. Dialog box Run appears, you type cmd into the box and press OK, got it.

How to use ping 2

+ Open Windows Powershell: You press the key combination Window + X. A menu will appear in the left corner of the screen. Now you click on the item Windows Powershell (Admin) to open the tool.

How to use ping 3

1. A pocket guide of Ping statements to users

Interface of the tool Cmd and Windows Powershell Relatively similar, the operations performed are not different. Taimienphi will use Cmd to make the illustration in the content below.

Ping command to check the LAN (internal): On the work window of Cmd You enter: ping [địa chỉ mạng] already Enter. Normally the intranet address will be set by default ping

Ping command to check the connection to the network: Just like the above operation, you enter the following code into the tool Cmd.

Viettel: ping

FPT: ping

VNPT: ping

Ping to the specific website address: To check the connection from your computer to a website address we usually use the phrase Ping network, you follow the syntax: ping (website address). For example: ping taimienphi.v

How to use ping 4

2. Common errors after executing the Ping command

When entering a test order, the system will notify the result to you. If your network is stable, the system then Cmd will display the following content:

How to use ping 5

With the usual message stream Reply from bytes = 32 time = 2ms TTL = 121 will show the meaning:

Reply from [Địa chỉ]: Address of the machine that sent the response;

Bytes: Size of the test file to be sent;

Time: Time that the system receives a response;

TTL: Time of existence of the test file.

In case of network failure, the system will notify with the following error command line:

Request time out when ping: This error often occurs when there is a problem about the router, the address is wrong or blocking ping.

Destination host unreachable: This error is due to a broken link to the target;
So has detailed instructions for you How to use the Ping command. Hopefully through the article, you have somewhat understood and understood the manipulation with the Ping command, to soon detect the cause of network errors and have a timely treatment. If using a Mac, you refer to 3 ways ping the network on Mac here.


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