How to use the Tab Groups feature in Safari on Mac

During web browsing, depending on work requirements, there are cases where you have to open and work with even dozens of different tabs. In such situations, managing a large number of tabs is clearly not straightforward. That’s why most major web browser platforms now support a feature called “Tab Groups”. Safari is no exception.

This feature allows you to combine many individual tabs into small groups, which can be labeled by separate themes and flexibly moved. This article will show you how to use the Tab Groups feature in Safari on Mac.

Tab Groups in Safari on Mac

To use the Tab Groups feature, you need to be running on Safari 15 or later.

First, launch the Safari app on your Mac. Then open any few web pages in different tabs.

Next, click the “Show Sidebar” in the top left corner of the Safari window to bring up the Sidebar menu.

In the Sidebar, you will see the number of open tabs displayed at the top. Right-click the button that shows the number of open tabs at the top of the Sidebar and select “New Tab Group with [#] Tabs” to add all open tabs to a new tab group.

Select “New Tab Group with” [#] Tabs”

All your open tabs will appear in a new tab group with the default name “Untitled“. Right click on it and select “Rename“. Give the tab group a new name and press Return to save.

Select “Rename”

Next, click the “Hide Sidebar” in the top left corner of Safari to close the Sidebar.

Click the “Hide Sidebar” button

Safari will show you the newly created tab group title at the top, next to the “Show Sidebar“.

Tab group title

To move a tab into an existing tab group, or create a new tab group, simply right-click on the specific tab, click “Move to Tab Group, then select an existing tab group or create a new tab group.

Click on “Move to Tab Group”

You can switch between groups of tabs by clicking the tab title in the top left corner of the Safari interface.

Switch between tab groups

To add a new tab to any group, you can press Command + to open a new tab or click the “+” (plus sign) in the upper right corner of Safari. You can also rearrange the order of tab groups by dragging them above or below existing groups on the Sidebar.

Rearrange the order of tab groups

To remove a tab from a group of tabs, tap the Overview button in the top right corner (four squares) to see a quick list of tabs in a group. Then click “X” at the top left of the tab preview thumbnail to remove it from the group.

Remove a tab from a tab group

Tab groups are a useful feature for organizing and managing open tabs. Take advantage of it to improve your work productivity.


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