How to use UltraViewer, control a computer remotely

How to use UltraViewer, control a computer remotely

Is UltraViewer a remote control software that is not as effective as Teamviewer yet? support computer connection, file sharing … Content below, Taimienphi will guide how to install and use UltraView with the most detailed steps.

>> See how to control a remote computer with Ultraviewer

Referring to software remote control the computer certainly no one is not aware of Teamviewer, the software allows connecting between 2 computers as well as transferring files quickly. However, since UltraViewer was born, it has been considered a serious opponent of Teamviewer in the field of remote computer control.

Instructions on how to use UltraViewer, remote computer control

In this article, will guide you how to install UltraViewer, similar to how to install Teamviewer that we have instructed. when the install Teamviewer, You have to pay attention to some features as well as objects and UltraViewer is a lot simpler. Follow the article below to know how to use it UltraViewer offline.

How to use UltraViewer on a computer

Download UltraViewer. Download UltraView

Step 1: After the download is complete, run the installation file and select next.

use ultraviewer

Step 2: Choose where to install the software already next come on.

how to use ultraviewer

Step 3: Click next until Install appears, click to install.

connection to the ultraviewer remote state

Step 4: Wait after installation is complete, press finish to turn off.

Use the ultraviewer on the computer

And finally, you can use UltraViewer immediately.

use ultraviewer on laptop

So we have completed the work using UltraViewer on the computer already, and if you want to see how to control the remote computer with Ultraviewer, please find and refer to the article how to remote control with Ultraviewer.

Ultraviewer is also a software that allows you to chat with other users. This feature is special in that you can easily chat gua UltraViewer with other computer users via UltraViewer without too many cumbersome setup operations. As mentioned earlier, we have a lot of software to support remote control of the computer, one of which stands out over both TeamViewer and UltraViewer or WinRemote PC.
The good news for computer users today is that you can not only connect computers remotely on computers, laptops, but you can fully use your phone to access your pc, there are many The app helps you control the computer remotely with your phone, you can do it on both Android or iOS phones, tips and tricks. Control the computer by phone Taimienphi has introduced in detail and everyone.


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