How to use Usb HDD boot

By using Usb HDD boot, the versatile USB Boot rescue utility will help you can install the operating system, fix computers anytime and anywhere with just a small USB stick in your pocket. The following article will give detailed instructions for you, so you can understand how to use this software.

With USB HDD Boot, you can turn your USB or hard drive into a great computer rescue device with the necessary software support, Windows installer so you can install the operating system at any time. . With just a few taps using USB HDD Boot, you can easily integrate the necessary things in a USB with enough storage capacity.

How to use Usb HDD boot

1. Preparation

– USB or storage device with minimum capacity of 4GB
– USB HDD Boot software, download and install the software here: Download USB HDD Boot
– Software for creating bootable Windows Creat Wim Files: Download Creat Wim Files

2. Proceed

Step 1: Launch the software, the first interface of USB HDD Boot is quite simple with two main options: Create boot menu for Windows and Create universal boot for USB disks.

Step 2: The Create boot menu function for Windows will help you create a boot menu on your system drive, you just need to press Start and the software will automatically do it all.

using usb hdd boot 2

Step 3: Function Create multi-boot boot USB is the main feature of the software. When using USB HDD Boot with this feature you can create USB Boot and integrate the Windows installer into that boot drive.

using usb hdd boot 3

Step 4: Check the selection Integrate Windows installation from an ISO file to the drive You can then tick the Windows installer you want to integrate into usb boot.

using usb hdd boot 4

Step 5: If you do not have the Windows installer to integrate, you can download it via the option Download the Windows installation package as ISO or download directly from

Download the Windows 7 installation package here: Download Windows 7
Download the Windows 8 installation package here: Download Windows 8
Download the Windows 8.1 installation package here: Download Windows 8.1
Download the Windows 10 installation package here: Download Windows 10

Step 6: To integrate the Windows installer into the installation package, you need to use additional support tools Creat Wim Files. Just download and use the file that matches the version of Windows you want to add to USB Boot. Then you can press Update new data to start the creation process.

using usb hdd boot 5

Step 7: The process of creating USB Boot will take a long or short time depending on the amount of data you want to integrate as well as the speed of the computer, USB.

using usb hdd boot 6

Step 8: After successful integration, the software will display the message as shown below

using usb hdd boot 7

Step 9: To check the bootability of the USB drive, click the option Test the USB drive.

using usb hdd boot 8

Step 10: If the booting window of the USB drive as shown below shows, your device is working properly.

using usb hdd boot 9

Step 11: If your device can’t boot, work as it should, check the option Fix boot for USB drive then press Start fixing the error below.

using usb hdd boot 10

Above introduced through some functions as well as how to use USB HDD Boot, great software for you to do multi-purpose rescue USB, install Win integrated with multiple versions. Besides, you can create USB Boot with Hiren’s Boot also provides great rescue utilities, ghost computers for you. Good luck !


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