How to use Virtual DJ

How to use Virtual DJ

You are passionate about playing music, practicing DJing, mixing music but don’t know how to start? Using Virtual DJ to start training on your own can help you become the professional DJ you want. Please follow the article below.

Virtual DJ is a music mixing software, mixing music for both those who want to practice to become a DJ as well as those who are professional DJs. Virtual DJ has many tools such as mixing music, filtering noise, adjusting the sound standard, …. with intelligent working mechanism DJ Virtual will support you most of the work during your work. . The following article will guide you how to use Virtual DJ in detail, please follow.

How to use Virtual DJ

– You can download Virtual DJ to your computer by following the link: Download Virtual DJ

Step 1: After downloading and installing Virtual DJ, start Virtual DJ. You will see a Welcome panel, you name it at item Choose your DJ name, and click Reserve to continue. You can check the box Don’t ask again so the next time you restart will not show this notice board

using virtual dj 2

Step 2: Enter your password and email, then click Send Code and click OK, got it. You will receive a code, you enter this code into the section Code below and click tiếp tục to start using Virtual DJ

using virtual dj 3

Step 3: You will see the interface of Virtual DJ has 4 main parts

first – As a file management area, select the path to add a new music file to want to mix music
2 – Is the main area for us to mix music, including 2 discs on the right and left
3 – A list of music files added
4 – The basic information of the music file

using virtual dj 4

Step 4: You can make other settings such as adjusting the input and output for the Audio file, live stream, setting shortcuts, recording, etc. for Virtual DJ by clicking the gear icon.

using virtual dj 5

Step 5: You proceed to add music to start using Virtual DJ music mix, by selecting the link as shown next or directly dragging and dropping audio files into the list of music files

using virtual dj 6

Step 6: The two drives will have the same function, the purpose of having two drives is so you can choose 2 tracks and mix them together from the 2 sides. In this article, we will use only one song and instructions on how to mix basic music with one side.

using virtual dj 7

Step 7: You will see the functions needed to mix music here.

first – Increase or decrease the sound
2 – Music playback speed, click Tap to adjust this speed
3 – You can add music files by dragging from the playlist here
4 – Drive us DJ music
5 – You can create effects for music tracks here.

Effect: effect

Loop: Repeat a piece of music in the song, can adjust the number of repetitions is 2, 4, 8 times

using virtual dj 8
Hopefully, through this article, you can understand and know how to use Virtual DJ and the functions of the software. I wish you will become DJs in the near future. Also you can refer to the article Mix music with Virtual DJ which we have shared on


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