How to use Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

The built-in Voice Memos app makes it easier for you to record on your iPhone, keeping all the sounds you want.

How to record with Voice Memos on iPhone

To get started, open the Voice Memos app on your phone.

In the application interface that opens, click the big red circle button to start recording.

Click the big red circle button to start recording

Your iPhone will immediately activate the built-in microphone to record the surrounding sound. You can try singing a song, or say whatever you want. The corresponding audio recording will be created.

When you’re done and want to stop recording, tap the big red button at the bottom of the Voice Memos interface.

Start recording

Your recording is now saved in the app. To play it, tap the recording and then click the play icon.

Click the play icon

That’s how you can make voice recordings on your iPhone without using a third-party app.

Rename a recording on iPhone

To rename a recording, first launch the Voice Memos app, then tap the recording you want to rename.

Click on the recording you want to rename

Click on the record name to be able to edit it. Then, type a new name for the record and press Enter.

Enter a new name for the record

Your recording has now been renamed.

Share recordings on iPhone

You can share your recordings using the iPhone’s standard share menu. This means you can flexibly share recordings with the Files app, Google Drive, and even email them to someone.

To get started, open the Voice Memos app and tap the recording you want to share.

Tap the recording you want to share

In the bottom-left corner of the recording, tap the three-dot button.

Tap the three-dot button

From the menu that appears, click on the item “Share” (Share).

Click on “Share”

The standard iPhone sharing menu opens. Here, simply select the “destination” where you want to share your recording.

Choose where you want to share the recording

Delete audio recordings on iPhone

For recordings that are no longer needed, you can delete them to save memory space.

First, you launch the Voice Memos app and tap the “Edit” (Edit) in the upper right corner.

Click the “Edit” button

Select one or more recordings you want to delete.

Select one or more recordings you want to delete

In the bottom right corner of the Voice Memos interface, tap “Delete” (Erase).

Click on “Delete”

Voice Memos will move your selected recordings into the “Recently Deleted” (Recently deleted). They will stay here for 30 days, after which they will be permanently deleted.

If you want to permanently and immediately delete these recordings, click on the folder “Recently Deleted” on the main screen of the Voice Memos app.

Click on the “Recently Deleted” folder

In the top right corner of the “Recently Deleted” screen, tap “Edit” (Edit).

Click “Edit”

Select the records to delete, then in the bottom right corner, tap “Erase” (Erase).

Click “Erase”

(Tips: If you want to recover deleted audio recordings, tap the option “Recover” (Restore)).

From the menu that opens, select “Erase Recording“.

Select “Erase Recording”

(Warning: You cannot recover your recordings once they are permanently deleted. Make sure you really want to delete them before clicking “Erase Recording”.

Your recording is now deleted.

Wish you have a good experience with Voice Memos app on iPhone!

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