How to view CCleaner version

With the CCleaner version view, you will always get the latest, most secure CCleaner, but the technology is integrated to clean your computer, optimize the system for free.

Ccleaner is the best software to optimize the system and clean up computer garbage. The software is always updated to the user. However in recent times when released CCleaner version 5.33 has had problems occur and if the user does not know how to view the CCleaner version, it will be disastrous to use this version.

Current version CCleaner 5.33 has been injected with malicious code and distributed through the infrastructure of Piriform, the host company of this software. And whether you are using CCleaner 5.33 or not you also need to see the version of CCleaner you are using right away. If you do not know how to see the CCleaner version, the following guide will show you and the solution in the above case to be able to optimize the system with CCleaner again.

How to view CCleaner version

Step 1: In fact, the version of CCleaner is quite simple and if you pay attention, you can immediately see the version of CCleaner that you are using.

When you open CCleaner please Notice the left corner near the CCleaner icon will see a line. As shown in the image below v5.34.6207 (64bit) referred to as v5.34. This is a fix version of 5.33 hacked and also the latest version today, whether you check is v5.33 or below it should also update CCleaner immediately because version 5.34 is optimized to fix a lot of errors so you can feel secure to use.

how to see ccleaner version 2

Step 2: To check the updated version as well as the link to the latest CCleaner link, take a look bottom right corner will see an icon Check for update, click on it to check and download the new version.

how to see ccleaner version 3

Step 3: But if you also do not know where to download the latest version of CCleaner safely after seeing how your version of CCleaner is 5.33 or lower, why not download CcleanerRight here, always updated but the new software, the fastest and safest for readers.

how to see ccleaner version 4

Step 4: After completing downloading CCleaner v5.34 please click to install it, the installation process is quite simple with the software interface you click. Install.

how to see ccleaner version 5

And then just wait about 1 minute to be able to click Run CCleaner to run.

how to see ccleaner version 6

The rest may be familiar to you, but CCleaner users to optimize the system, speed up the computer, right?

how to see ccleaner version 7

Above is a guide to help you have a way to see the version of CCleaner in use, thereby you can proceed to update the new version of CCleaner immediately in case you are using the old version or v 5.33. However readers also need to know that the school CCleaner cases where malicious code insertion is rare, the publisher of this software has been more careful and anyway CCleaner is also good software for your computer even using the free version.
To be able to speed up your computer, optimize the system and eliminate all computer junk, CCleaner is still the best choice you should use, and have any questions about CCleaner during use or installation. Putting you can ask questions by commenting below our article. will reply you as soon as possible.


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