How to view saved passwords on Chrome

How to view saved passwords on Chrome

Google Chrome offers users an intuitive and easy-to-manage password saving feature. You can actively view saved passwords on Chrome as well as add, edit, delete these saved passwords on the browser itself.

If you use different passwords and accounts on different websites, those web browsers all allow us to save passwords at the websites you use to log in. Saving your password will help you to log in automatically easily, without having to re-enter it later. However, if you do not enter your password again for a long time, you may forget the passwords for those accounts. Therefore, the solution View saved passwords on Google Chrome browser is the fastest way for you to know your password information.

Viewing passwords on Chrome helps you know what a saved password is

Instructions for viewing passwords saved on Chrome

-Download Google Chrome New version for PC, laptop here: Downlload Chrome
– See the instructions make Chrome the default browser on the computer here.

To review saved passwords you can quickly do it by:

Paste (paste) the following link in the address bar to quickly access the saved password management page: chrome: // settings / passwords

Or follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: First, you see the password management page by clicking the three dots icon in the upper right corner Menu -> select Settings (Setting).

How to view the password log on chrome 2

Step 2: At tab Setting, choose the item password (Password).

How to view the password manager on chrome 3

Step 3: The list of passwords will be displayed here:

How to view the password manager on chrome 4

You can easily check and review the saved passwords on Chrome browser by clicking 3 dot icon corresponding to each account and select Details (Detail).

How to view the password manager on chrome 5

Step 4: At the dialog box Password details saved, to review the password, click the eye icon corresponding to the line password.

How to view the password manager on chrome 6

Next, a small dialog box appears asking you to enter the password of your current computer user. You enter the password and press OK, got it.

How to view the data logger on chrome 7

And so the password appears as the image described below:

How to view the password manager on chrome 8

Also, by default Google Chrome will always suggest saving passwords. If you don’t want Chrome to remember your password when sharing a computer with someone. You can turn this option on or off at any time.

At the top right, Turn off the option Offer to save passwords.

How to view the password manager on chrome 9

So has guided you to complete the steps Review saved passwords on Google Chrome browser. Now, you will no longer have to bother to remember each login password saved on the computer anymore.
Also, if you are taking Firfox or Cup Cup it is easy View saved passwords on Coc Coc Or you can View passwords saved on Firefox, retrieve passwords stored on Firefox in the way that has shared in posts. Good luck!


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