How to view the history of renaming Facebook Fanpage

How to view the history of renaming Facebook Fanpage

To view the history of renaming certain Facebook Fanpage, you do not need to contact the administrator or perform any tricky procedure, with only 4 quick steps, Taimienphi will help you see the exact number of page changes, specific time and more.

With small tips, users can visit any page to view Fanpage renaming history Details to specific dates. Thereby, you can determine the transparency of the page you are following.

How to see the history of renaming Fanpage

Details on how to view history Rename Fanpage Taimienphi will share immediately in the following content.

Instructions on how to view the history of renaming Fanpage

Users who do not need administrative rights can also see the Page renaming history

Step 1: Visit the Fanpage Need to check the information.
Step 2: Press the button see more in section Transparency of Trang at the function column on the right of the screen.

how to view fanpage history 2

Step 3: In the window Transparency of Trang , you choose the tag Summary . Here you can view the information Page history as:
Date Created Page .
Statistics of page changes .
Merged from so many Pages .

How to view the fanpage history 3

Step 4: To See Fanpage renaming history For details, you choose the card Page History . In this window will list all information on the date of renaming Fanpage, Name was changed.

how to view fanpage history 4
With only 4 steps, Taimienphi has revealed that you can see the simple and accurate Fanpage name change history. Hopefully with this tip, you can verify the transparency and reliability of any Fanpage more effectively. Also, if you do not have fanpage, you refer how to create facebook fanpage here.


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