How to watch movies on WeTV

How to watch movies on WeTV

Right now, users can watch movies on WeTV completely free of charge with high quality audio and video. If you are not familiar with the interface and do not know how to watch movies on the WeTV application? Taimienphi will guide the simplest and fastest steps!

WeTV is a popular entertainment application, works on both popular mobile platforms today, iOS and Android. WeTV owns a number of famous gameshow programs, attractive TV series, all of which are exclusively provided with Vietnamese subtitles and the best image and sound quality. To watch movies and shows on WeTV, you must have this app installed on your device.

Movie watching tips on WeTV

If not installed? No problem, right now you can download the WeTV application the latest version of the link that Taimienphi shares below.

For iOS version: Download WeTV for iPhone
For Android version: Download WeTV for Android

Instructions on how to watch movies on WeTV

In this article, Taimienphi will perform operations on the interface of your iPhone, with Android devices you do the same.

Step 1: Open the application WeTV From the phone’s working screen, the Application will automatically take you to the interface Home page WeTV. Here, there are films or shows that have been divided into 2 cards Highlights and TV series for your convenience.

how to watch movies on wetv 2

Step 2: If you have not found what you want to see, click on the tool Filter have logo magnifying glass picture in the upper right corner of the screen. and enter the name of the content you are looking for.

how to watch movies on wetv 3

Step 3: After clicking Search Results, the system will take you to the content window, now click Broadcast and enjoy now.

how to watch movies on wetv 4

In the article, Taimienphi introduced to you how to search and watch movies or TV shows on WeTV application with simple and easy-to-remember operations. Currently, you can watch content on WeTV completely free and no account registration required. However, with some new or exclusive content, you are required to register, create a WeTV account and buy a VIP package to watch.
Wish you have moments of relaxing fun with WeTV!


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