How to withdraw HextraCoin interest

How to withdraw HextraCoin interest will be the next content that Free Download shares to readers in the same content section about HextraCoin, for new players, how to withdraw HextraCoin interest will be quite complicated, however If you look carefully, how to withdraw interest rates HextraCoin will be very simple, you read along track the content of the article below of Free Download offline.

How to withdraw HextraCoin interest is easy or not, the fastest way to withdraw HextraCoin is probably the content of many people’s concerns, HextraCoin’s head is currently a fairly popular form of investment, if you know how to invest. smart we can easily earn daily interest.

The method of withdrawing HextraCoin interest to banks in Vietnam has now been simplified in terms of procedures, investors who withdraw interest will no longer face as many difficulties as before. Like many other Lending projects, when paying interest, they will pay via USD, but the system does not integrate the function of direct withdrawal of interest, so you need to exchange USD to HXT and then sell HXT to get BTC in exchange for VND and withdraw money from Vietnamese banks.

Below will be specific instructions on how to withdraw HextraCoin interest, read along with:

Step 1: The job you need to do is convert USD interest to HXT

To exchange HXT interest, players need to visit the HextraCoin official website and then go to the section Lending , Observe your balance at the section USD then exchange for HXT, select the item transfer .

how to withdraw hextracoin 2

Then a Popup will appear what we need to do is select the “All” button in the section containing US money, the conversion from USD to cooperative will correspond to the exchange rate updated from time to time. Then confirm with the Transfer button, finish the process we choose “Confirm

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Besides being able to immediately withdraw interest, if you feel the value of HextraCoin is not high, you can accumulate the amount to the appropriate time we can withdraw to have a higher interest.

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Step 2: Make a HextraCoin sale for Bitcoin

You will carry out the step of selling HextraCoin by selecting the Exchange item, then entering the required information, clicking Create Order, shortly after that a Popup will display the number of HextraCoin sold and convert into the Bitcoin you can receive, item selection Confirm

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Step 3: Make a Bitcoin withdrawal to the wallet on Remitano

The first step to be able to withdraw BTC money we need to get the BTC address on Remitano floor, here you can directly withdraw cash immediately, or if you want to reserve, you should not leave on Remitano but withdraw About the other safe wallets. Note to you that currently, only Vietcombank accounts accept Remitano withdrawals so you need to have a personal account at Vietcombank.

Step 4: Sell Bitcoin for Vietnamese money on Remitano

After accessing the Remitano account you will see the account balance displayed in detail, for sale you will select the sell now .

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Then at the new page you will do select the bank account and select continue

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Right after your transaction is completed, you will select the withdrawal button to withdraw VND tiefn to your bank account in Vietnam

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how to withdraw hextracoin 11

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Finally, enter the amount you want to withdraw and you’re done!

Observing we will see that the order button is processing, it will take about 1 minute for us to wait for processing, after the arrival of the order delivery appears to show our transaction has completed.
Above is the guide of Free Download on how to withdraw interest, HextraCoin hopes to bring readers important and useful information, helping the process of withdrawing your interest more effectively and quickly. , along with this useful content, readers can refer to many other related contents of Free Download such as HextraCoin investment, to be able to withdraw many profits, we must have a HextraCoin investment strategy. , so do not skip the article HextraCoin investment details of Free Download offline.


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