How to write content Email Marketing

In the previous Email Marketing lesson, taught you how to write notification content in Email Marketing. Lesson below will introduce you how to write content Email Marketing offline.

In Email Marketing, it includes copywriting which many people, especially novices, have difficulty planning and implementing.

So in the article below, will guide you on how to write Email Marketing content to attract customers.

How to write content Email Marketing

1. Write the headline Email Marketing

The subject line of your email is the “attachment point” that attracts and attracts customers to open your email. Not to mention the effort you spent or how compelling the email content is, if the headlines are not attractive, attractive, everything is just useless. Try to write a good email title and remember the title should not exceed 10 words.

2. The importance of the “word email address” section

In Email Marketing, the “word email address” acts as a form of communication. Most users will not open an email unless they recognize from which address it was sent. So if you’re sending emails to people you know or others, it’s best to send them via your personal email instead of sending unsolicited emails.

3. Create relevant email content

Also you can consider using blogs, forums and social networks, these are highly effective interactive channels with many users involved. Try to build the premise of Email Marketing content from the users’ opinions.

You can consider and consider:

– Poll readers.

– Questions and answers with customers.

– User generated content.

4. Add Call to Action to email

Your subscribers, your customers need to know why you email them. By adding a CTA to determine the action your customers will take after they open the email.

However, it should be noted that too many CTAs should not be added without the high risk of confusion. When customers have too many choices, they will not know what to choose and buy.

Here are some tips for you:

– Select a location in the email to emphasize the call to action.

– Copy with CTA to all customers that you email.

5. Personalize email content

Research shows that personalized emails have a 29% higher open rate and 41% higher clickthrough rates than non-personalized emails. Highly personalized and personalized email delivery helps increase open and click-through rates, boosting and delivering higher revenue.

6. Personalize email headers

As mentioned above, the Email Marketing header must be really attractive and personalized is all you need if you want to succeed in the first step. For a personalized email, you should write your customer name or other information that attracts high attention.

7. Some important notes

Don’t confuse your potential customers as teachers, doctors, … anything. They are just ordinary users, so it is advisable to use simple words and theories to present them in emails instead of using sublime theories.

By marketing, introducing products in the most simple way so that customers can understand the function and use of your products and services. Also do not use a certain word too many times.

8. Use email signatures effectively

Email signatures are one of the ways to express your personal image. A simple, professional, and effective email signature doesn’t contain too much information, but that doesn’t mean your email signature is “dry” of information.

Here are some tips for creating a professional and effective email signature:

– Does not contain too much information.
– Choose an appropriate email signature format.
– Add your company logo / image to email signatures.
– Use the ALT tag when adding images to the signature.
– Create a mobile-friendly signature.
– Update the contact details.
– Add social networking addresses.
– Use different email signatures for replies and forwards.
– Add your latest marketing content to email signatures.
The above lesson on has shown you how to write the content of Email Marketing. In the next Email Marketing lessons, will introduce you to Top Email Marketing support tool effective.


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