How to write Data, burn data disc with Nero

How to write Data, burn data disc with Nero

Nero, one of the leading disc burning programs, supports burning a wide range of files and data to a simple, high-performance DVD disc. In this article, will guide you on how to burn data, burn data disc with Nero to store your data to CD or DVD.

In the previous article, we have guide to burn and burn music discs with Nero In this article, we will guide you one more way to burn a disc, which is to record data and data to a CD / DVD. Please consult with us.

How to write Data, burn data disc with Nero

– Disk burning software: Download Nero
– CD / DVD burner
– Blank disc (CD / DVD)

Step 1: Start Nero. At the main intersection you choose Nero Express
Download nero 2015
Step 2: Here you choose Data tab, you can burn data on CD or DVD depending on the needs to use that choose Data CD or Data DVD.
2015 data record
Step 3: Click Add to retrieve data to be written from the computer.

Step 4: Here you can record all files from text, image, or video … to remove any file, select that file and click. Remove or can view all content when writing to disk by clicking Play. After adding data to record you click next.

Step 5: Select the correct burner in the item Current recorder, and you can name the disc in the section Disc name. Finished you click Burn

Step 6: Data recording will be started

When finished, you can remove the disc and use it.

So with the above article, we have instructed you in detail how to write data to a cd (you can do the same thing to burn on dvd as above) to store with Nero utility software. However, if your computer is low-profile you can also download ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP to use because they consume less computer resources than Nero. Also history you can Watch movies, Blu-ray discs with Nero


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