How to write fractions in Word 2019

How to write fractions in Word 2019

In the process of writing documents, there will be times when you need to write fractions in Word to enter fractional formulas, type mathematical, physical, chemical expressions … but not everyone knows. Refer to the guidelines in this article to know how to create fractions in MS Word.

In the last insertion in Word, we showed you how to insert the upper and lower index numbers in Word, which you can use to edit Math or Chemistry formulas. In that article, we have begun to get acquainted with Write fractions in Word If you have a hat, then in this article will introduce more carefully for you to grasp and apply in the process of writing documents and documents to insert fractions in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics …

Numbering in Word 2019

Instructions for writing fractions in Word 2019

For the Word 2019 version, you can apply either of the following 2 ways to write fractions on MS Word. Older versions such as Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 do the same thing!

1. Use keyboard shortcuts to write fractions in Word

Step 1: In Word editing interface -> you place the cursor where you need to write the fractions in Word -> then press the key combination Ctrl + F9 Let fractions display written fractions.

Note: Some laptop lines to do like on a desktop -> you will have to press the Fn key to activate. You will then have to press is Ctrl + Fn + F9

The picture below is the result after you press the shortcut as instructed:

how to compare text in word 2019 2

Step 2: Next, you will enter the following formula to write the fraction in Word:

EQ F (X, Y)

In particular, the specific information of the formula will be interpreted as follows:

– Sign (_): Space after EQ before typing “” Therefore, you should pay close attention because without this space, you will not be able to type the fraction formula in Word.

– When typing will not distinguish uppercase or lowercase when typing the above expression.

– EQ is the abbreviation of Equation: Translated into Vietnamese means “Equation”; X is the numerator, Y is the denominator, and F stands for Fraction meaning “Fraction”.

For example, you want to enter the fraction as 4/5 (4 out of 5) -> you apply the above steps as pressing the key combination Ctrl + F9 or Ctrl + Fn + F9 for a laptop computer operation.

how to compare text in word 2019 3

Step 3: Finally, highlight the newly created expression -> then press the key combination Shift + F9 Some laptops will click Shift + Fn + F9 to finish writing fractions in Word. The resulting fractions will show up as in the image below:

how to compare text in word 2019 4

2. Use a mathematical tool to insert and write fractions in Word

Step 1: In the editor interface, select the location to write fractions -> click tab Insert -> select Equation on the toolbar.

how to compare text in word 2019 5

Tip to open the Equation hidden in the Word toolbar

If this toolbar is hidden, go to meun File -> select Save As -> then save the File as a Word Document (* .docx). Next, you open Word file again, you’ll see the Equation icon displayed on the toolbar.

Step 2: In the next view -> select the item Fraction on the toolbar -> and select the fraction format that you want to write the fraction into in Word.

how to compare text in word 2019 6

Step 3: After selecting, click on the numerator and denominator position and enter the fraction to fill out.

how to compare text in word 2019 7

If you think the fractions are too big or too small, simply highlight and select the font size to suit your desires. In addition, you should also note that selecting and then aligning the fractions to the left so that when copying and inserting anywhere, there will always be reasonable results, eliminating the need to recalibrate.

How to compare text in word 2019 8

With just a few simple steps above, you know how to write fractions in Word 2019 successfully with simple steps right! With 2 ways in this article, you will not take time to install additional software to write mathematical formulas that can be done quickly by using keyboard shortcuts or using the Equation tool in Word.
Also, you can use Mathtype to write mathematical formulas, type fractions in word – this is how you will have to install an external software then get the results, you will insert Math formulas into Word, insert decimal, exponential. .. into Word documents. This is also a good way because this external tool has many good features, many formulas that Equation does not yet have.


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