How to write, read the amount in English

How to write, read the amount in English

Many people think that writing and reading money in English is complicated and difficult. It is not as difficult as you think, you just need to understand and apply the correct counting rules in English below so you can read the amount of money in English.

Instructions for writing to read the amount in English

How to write, read the amount in English

How to write, read the amount in English

Although the language is different, the rules for reading the sum of money in English are similar to Vietnamese: Numbers + currency units. For example: US $ 35 or 35USD: thirty-five US dollars (35 US dollars). With the sum being a decimal, we read the whole integer part, then the decimal part after the “.” (English is point). For example: $ 35.5: thirty-five dollars and fifty cents or thirty-five point five dollars. Note when converting currencies with decimals.

The reading method is similar but the writing style is different. From the example above, you can see that in English, the currency symbol is usually placed before the amount, but when written in full lettersthirty-five US dollars) the order is still the same as read. With decimals, the separator between the whole part is the decimal part is the “.”, But when separating the units from the thousands and tens of thousands, people use the “,” sign. For example: US $ 1,000: One thousand US dollars.

Some popular currencies in the world

Among the strongest currencies in the world, the US dollar (abbreviated as US $) is the strongest currency used in international transactions. Many people see the default “$” sign as USD, in fact this is the dollar symbol. In the world, not only the US dollar, some other countries also use the dollar with different denominations, including Singapore Dollar (S $ symbol, SGD code), Australian Dollar (A $ symbol or AUD) & Hong Kong Dollar (HK $ or HKD symbols). Therefore, in transactions, the two sides need to define a common currency to avoid misleading.

In addition to the US dollar, there are many other currencies commonly used in different regions such as Pound Sterling (symbol ₤ or GBP), Euro (symbol € or Eur), Japanese Yen (symbol ¥ or JPY, Russian Ruble (RUB) and Chinese Yuan (RMB or CNY).

Examples of how to read common amounts

$ 15: Fifteen dollars
HK $ 15: Fifteen Hong Kong dollars
A $ 15: Fifteen Australian dollars
₤ 22: Twenty two pounds
€ 34.43: Thirty four euros and forty three cents (or Thirty four point four three euros)
$ 100: One hundred dollars
$ 1,000: One thousand dollars
$ 100,000,000: One hundred thousand dollars
$ 1,000,000,000: One million dollars.

In addition to reading and writing the amount of money, the way of writing dates in English is also an important knowledge of foreign language learners. , write the month of the year.
Or how to read numbers in English is also introduced on taimienphi including numbers from units to billions, mastering how to read numbers in English will help you complete the related exercises.


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