How to write standard seo Facebook posts attracts customers

How to write standard seo Facebook posts attracts customers

Knowing how to write standard Facebook posts SEO will help you increase engagement with your Fanpage, attract customers and thereby support you to sell better. Learn the secret to writing a standard Facebook article SEO is also one of the effective ways to SEO Facebook with us!

In 4.0, Facebook became a marketing tool for goods and services fully exploited by businesses. Because of the fierce competition, if the marketing content is not standard SEO, you cannot retain readers. Therefore, Today will give readers some information about SEO on Facebook and suggestions on how to write SEO standard Facebook articles to attract customers.

How to write standard seo Facebook posts attracts customers

1. What is SEO standard content?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization means search engine optimization. Accordingly, this is the process of optimizing a website / fanpage so that people can easily find it through search engines like Facebook, Google, ….. Meanwhile, the content is probably too familiar because in Vietnamese it is the content, any information that exists on the web and can be used on the web. Therefore, when combining these two concepts, we can temporarily understand standard Content SEO Content articles are created to attract search engine traffic, which can help create a large number of customers, pushing the brand to a new level online.

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2. How to effectively SEO?

To be able to SEO content on the web, Facebook effectively, you need to have some notes as follows:

– Keyword research: By researching keywords before starting to write content, you can focus on popular keywords that are currently being searched by many people or in other words write on topics that residents The network is looking for more.

– Keyword optimization: Research where to put keywords and how to use them in your article to optimize your search.

– Arrange content: The content on your website / Facebook should be organized properly to be able to effectively SEO and help visitors on your site find other related content easily. The longer the customer stays at your site, the better.

– Content ads: Increase access to content by sharing that content on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, … and building links towards your content.

3. Commonly used types of SEO content

Currently, the types of content businesses use for popular SEO are:

3.1. Product page

The product website is a great place for businesses to promote their products and sell directly. Therefore, a good product page will also be an ideal place to put content for SEO.

3.2. Blog post

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to create an effective SEO content stream before posting to Facebook. In general, blog posts are more appealing and may attract more customers than product pages. Blogs are very flexible and you can use them to host any type of content.

3.3. Article

News articles, interviews, or product feature articles, generally articles that look like an electronic article are the content that you will find on most Facebook / web fanpage. Newspaper or magazine style.

3.4. Instruction content

A tutorial explaining in detail how to do something is also a good SEO content. You can post it on your Facebook Fanpage or you can post a summary / excerpt, ask visitors to fill out the registration form to read the full instructions.

3.5. Video

Depending on the products you sell, video can be a great SEO content to attract and reach customers. You can think of creating a video of how to use your product or illustrating a process that is relevant to your product. When SEO, you can consider adding text (in video) content to make SEO better.

3.6. Picture

Images are also a popular type of SEO content especially when SEO on Facebook. Images help attract views and interact for your Fanpage.

4. How to write standard SEO Facebook posts to attract customers

Today, people still say, “content is king,” to express the fact that if your content has unappealing information, is not well-formatted, or is in disorganized format. .then it can not support you SEO. Understanding this, we would like to share with you the standard Facebook SEO strategy to attract customers below.

4.1. Outline content before writing

While no one forces you to do this when writing SEO standard Facebook posts, it is something you should do and create a habit for yourself. Put simply, you outline all the necessary content and your strategy so you can implement and track what you do, adjust the plan as needed. Accordingly, to be effective content, ask yourself some questions such as:

– What kind of customers do you want to reach?
– What keywords will you have?
– What content do you use to reach customers?
– What is your goal with SEO content?

After this process, you will be able to clearly structure your content before publishing your content and SEO will be more advantageous.

4.2. Display content for readability and keywords

A standard SEO Facebook post needs to have a good structure. Therefore, you need to outline and outline the Facebook posts before you write them. Accordingly, to ensure readability, your article should be clearly presented with the introduction, body and conclusion. Customers will be easier to read and search on the search engines.

Moreover, since keywords are so important to you in SEO, make sure you include the keywords in the content of your article!

4.3. Divide content into short paragraphs

A long paragraph will make your readers bored and will not continue reading your article. Therefore, divide your writing into short paragraphs to make it easier to read. Each paragraph should only be 3-4 sentences long and you should try your best to insert subheadings after paragraphs that are about 300 words long. This makes your content more readable and helps readers not get bored with your Fanpage. It can also improve page click rates and increase your overall SEO score.

4.4. Invest in article titles

The headline is the first thing readers look at in your article and lead them to your content, so invest in it well. Short, concise, highly descriptive titles that contain targeted keywords will do the best. The title is like an ad on Facebook / Google results page so if you write well, you will attract more people to your content.

4.5. Read the article carefully before publishing

Before publishing content, you should check to see if there are any errors, especially spelling errors, grammar, … The article has many verbal errors that can greatly affect. on your SEO effectiveness.
For a standard SEO article, in addition to style, the keywords SEO is also very important, refer to the SEO keyword analysis tool The best here if you do not know any tools.


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