HP Laptop warranty test guide

How to know if your HP laptop is still under warranty, and if it is, how long is your HP laptop warranty period. With the HP Laptop warranty test guide then will show you an extremely simple way to know.

For those who are using HP laptops are possible HP Laptop Laptop warranty test online on HP’s global system easily. The HP Laptop warranty check will tell you how much the warranty period for this HP laptop purchase is activated and on how much the warranty expires. Also in some special areas we will know more htongo more news, but the main task in this article is still to learn how to check HP Laptop warranty.

HP Laptop warranty test guide

– Before carrying out the HP Laptop warranty test, readers need to know to check the warranty period, we need the Serial of the product. So where does this serial come from? It’s very simple because just flip your HP laptop and look at the serial number at the back to see.

How to check laptop computer hp 2

Step 1: To be able to check the HP Laptop warranty applies to all HP items we need access HERE.

Step 2: Immediately after that the HP Laptop warranty test website interface appears, here you will see there is a part Serial Number, enter the Serial Number we got after flipping our HP laptop here.

How to check laptop HP 3

Step 3: After completing the Serial HP, click Check warrantly to conduct HP Laptop warranty test.

How to check laptop HP 4

Wait for a while, HP Laptop warranty test result will show, if in case HP laptop warranty test expires, there will be notice. Expried as in the picture.

How to check laptop HP 5

In addition, when scrolling down, we will get more information including the warranty activation start date as well as the laptop’s warranty end date.

How to check laptop HP 6

Thus, the HP Laptop warranty test is complete, you can apply this test to all current HP laptop computers, including newly launched or no longer sold.

The above is a guide on how to check the HP Laptop warranty, with the HP Laptop warranty test guide above hoping to help you can quickly check your laptop’s warranty period as well as have a specific plan after know the necessary information. Also for those who are using HP laptops that need warranty, you can refer to the HP warranty address through the article below of Taimienphi.vn. In the article we specified the address HP warranty including phone number and address nearest to you.

It is for those who are using HP laptops, but for Taimienphi.vn readers who are using Dell laptops, please refer to the right way. check the Dell Laptop warranty Click here for the essential information about this laptop.


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