I do not know, what is English?

“I don’t know” is one of the familiar answers when asked about something. So I don’t know what is in English? How to say?

The phrase “I don’t know” is often used when questions are not known by the respondent. In English communication, in order not to worry about making grammatical errors when using sentences as well as for listeners to hear your “I don’t know” answer, please refer to and apply the “I don’t know” in English below.

I do not know in English

I do not know, what is English

In English, I don’t get it I don’t understandI don’t care is I don’t care good I don’t mind. I do not know in English is I do not know (or the other spelling is I do not know).

How to read and pronounce the phrase I don’t know:

I do not know: / ai // dnt // nn /: I don’t know.
– I do not know

For example:

– I don’t know who is she? I do not know who she is.
– I do not know who are you? I do not know who you are
– I don’t know where does he live: I don’t know where he lives.

Use Google Translate to translate I don’t know into English

i don't know english

In English delivery, in addition to “I do not know” there are many words used by users such as “I do not understand”, “I do not care”. For example, saying “I don’t understand” with foreigners in English, we use the phrase “I don’t understand”. Or when you don’t want to care about something, how to tell someone else in English, then we’ll say I don’t care in English, I don’t care (I do not care).

Through this article, you understand what “I don’t know” in English? How to read? You usually speak English I don’t know in which case? Please share your knowledge with Taimienphi.vn offline



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