IDM 6.33 Build 3 supports the Pale Moon browser

IDM 6.33 Build 3 supports the Pale Moon browser

Internet Download Manager has just released IDM 6.33 Build 3 to support Pale Moon browser on July 1, 2019. So what is the latest version of this, and what errors have been fixed by the company … Please read along with the content of the article below.

Internet Download Manager or IDM is currently the download acceleration software, supporting downloading files is rated as the best today. Using IDM helps users to increase download speed quickly, helping to download multiple files at the same time very convenient. With IDM 6.33 Build 3 In addition to supporting the Pale Moon web browser, this software also fixes errors made in earlier versions.

IDM 6.33 Build 3 latest version up to the present time

What’s new in IDM 6.33 Build 3?

Key features of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

– Download data quickly with just one click, including users downloading large files and downloading videos, mp3, mp4 …
– Support users to download files super fast on most popular applications and browsers today.
– Automatically check and check for viruses after the user has finished downloading the file.
– Support users to download many different types of files, allowing users to define the type of downloaded file by themselves.
– IDM supports users using many different types of Proxy servers.
– The application supports the user to resume the download if the download process fails.
– Support scheduling of video downloading in the spare time of computer or user network. Users just need to schedule and the rest will be handled by IDM.
– Support many different languages ​​including Vietnamese IDM version.

idm 6.33 build 3 ho ho tro pale pale moon

New feature on IDM 6.33 build 1

– Added a new feature to improve downloads from sharing and other temporary link creation sites that can only be requested once. In case IDM detects that site, it will send a report and request updated download rules for this site from IDM servers.
– Added “Del” key to special keys to prevent downloading by IDM because the previous keys (“Ctrl”, “Alt”, “Shift”) provided by the company have been reserved by browsers for items. other destination.
– Fix the remaining errors on the previous version.

New feature on IDM 6.33 build 2

– Updated new feature to download from file sharing websites.
– Fixed, fixed compatibility issues of IDM 33 with Windows XP operating system.
– Continue to fix existing errors.

New feature on IDM 6.33 build 3

– Support for Pale Moon browser 28.
– Fix other errors that exist on previous versions.

Download version IDM 6.33 build 3 for the latest computer here: Download IDM 6.33 build 3

Refer How to install IDM Download the file on your computer here.

Above are the new features updated in the latest version of IDM 6.33 Build 3 and after this article you must have known. IDM 6.33 Build supports the Pale Moon browser What’s new, and also understand the older features in IDM versions 6.33 Build 1 and IDM 6.33 Build 2. Download the browser Pale Moon here

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