IDM 6.35 fixes 403 Forbidden errors when downloading videos on web browsers

IDM 6.35 fixes 403 Forbidden errors when downloading videos on web browsers

IDM version 6.35 fixes 403 Forbidden errors when downloading videos on the official web browser, which helps users overcome the error of downloading “403 prohibited” videos when downloading some videos on the web browser, now, let’s see the session What’s new in the latest IDM 6.35?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the fastest download support software in the top of the download support software today. With IDM 6.35 help users speed up data download by 5 times thanks to multi-threaded mechanism when users download, besides, IDM also supports resume download file without having to reload the data from the beginning because the previous download was disconnected.

IDM 6.35 latest version is officially available

In addition to the ability to increase the download speed of high-capacity files such as videos, heavy games … then IDM also has the ability to catch download links of mp3, videos on youtube, even catch links to download document files such as PDF, Word, PPT … very accurate and convenient for users. It is impossible to ignore the comprehensive error recovery and recovery capability when files previously downloaded by users are corrupted or interrupted due to network connection or because the computer is suddenly shut down while downloading data.

What’s new in IDM 6.35?

IDM 6.35 Latest version officially released today 08/16/2019 Last. This new version has added compatibility with Windows 10, fixing compatibility issues with a number of different browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, or versions of Firefox and Chrome.

idm 6 35 error 400 forbidden when downloading videos on web browser 2

Internet Download Manager 6.35 version interface when downloading data

New features updated in IDM version 6.35

Information from IDM publisher, then version IDM 6.35 There are new updated features as follows:

1. Add proxy identification feature in the browser and use automatically in IDM when IDM cannot be downloaded directly. Identify works for all VPN extensions in Firefox and for some VPN extensions in Google Chrome.

2. Add features to set the heading User – Agency or “User agent” for manually added downloads. You can do this by going to IDM Options -> select “Download”. Antivirus software settings will be moved to a separate dialog box to simplify the “Download” tab

3. Improve, improve video recognition in the web player

4. Identify the cause of the “403 Forbidden” error and how to fix when downloading some videos on web browser.

5. Fix some other errors in the old version I had it before

Where to download the latest IDM 6.35?

Currently website is always updating and timely updating the latest versions provided by IDM. You can download it IDM 6.35 You can download the latest version here for a free installation.

After the download is complete, you can upgrade to the new version by install IDM This new version, then use IDM and experience the latest features offline.

The article above we have just introduced you about IDM 6.35 fixes 403 Forbidden errors when downloading videos on web browsers along with some new features have been updated by IDM. Hopefully, the information in the article above will partly provide the most useful information about the new version IDM to users.
We always recommend that users should use copyrighted IDM software to use legally, to make full use of the features that the software brings. Currently IDM license package has a 1-year term for 1 PC, you will have to pay for $ 11.95 / 1 year of use. If you buy the license permanently for 1 PC, the price is only 24.95 USD. For versions of 2 or more PCs, the price will be different, you can refer directly to the IDM web site or visit the direct link HERE for reference.


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