IDM user guide for newbies

IDM user guide for newbies

When you want to download / download data, IDM is an indispensable and essential software for you in this situation. IDM is an application that supports file download, download acceleration, most powerful video download today. IDM is compatible with all popular browsers such as Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox, Opera, IE … Let’s follow the IDM user guide for new users to understand better.

Can say software Internet Download Manager (IDM) is almost familiar to computer users, this is one of the indispensable software after you install Windows because of the fast download speed, friendly interface (including Vietnamese) and Very easy to use. This application supports downloading most popular formats such as mp3, downloading videos from youtube with mp4, flv … downloading games, downloading files easily and much more.

The following article will guide you in detail with the features from the most basic to the most complex of IDM so whether you are a new user or have used it before, you can treat this as a user manual. Use in cases where you can not remember all the features of the software or document to train and guide others.


* Steps to prepare:

– The computer needs to have IDM installed to use.

– If you do not know how to download and install, see the instructions install IDM here.

1. IDM software features

Internet Download Manager supports you to use many different languages ​​with all languages ​​of countries on all continents. In this article I will introduce, guide IDM interface Vietnamese.

When you have installed IDM, the default interface will be English. To switch the interface to Vietnamese -> you go to the menu View -> select Language -> and then select the language Vietnamese To change is done or refer to the way Install Vietnamese for IDM here.

Guide to use IDM for people 2

And the main interface of the software after changing the Vietnamese language will be as shown below:

Guide to use IDM for people 3

The right pane of the interface is all the information of the downloaded and downloaded data File name, Waiting for loading type, Size, Status, Time remaining, Download speed, Download date, Describe… Also here, you can sort as you like by clicking on the title column, the program will automatically sort by.

1.1. Category (Categories)

This section will be broken down into individual categories All (All Download) as Data compression (Compressed), Document (Documents), Music (Music), Programme (Programs), Video to contain different types of files such as text files, Video files, music files or application software, programs.

There are also more items like Not finished loading (Unfinished) contains data that has not been downloaded, Download finished (Finished) contains the downloaded data on the computer … Helping users to easily manage.

Use Internet Download Manager

1.2. Add URL (Add URL)

You can enter the URL into the item Address (Address) or copy the URL that was downloaded earlier, you can also enter the username and password to download the data when the server requires.

Guide to use IDM for people 5

1.3. Download (Resume)

This function allows you to reload corrupted or corrupted files that are paused, simply click on the file to reload and then click Download continue (Resume), the program will automatically reload for you.

Guide to use IDM for people 6

1.4. Stop / Stop All: Pause one or all currently downloaded files

1.5. Delete / Delete the … (Delete / Delete Co …): Use to delete one or all of the downloaded files on the computer.

Guide to use IDM for people 7

1.6. Options (Option): Here you can customize for IDM, including Tabs like: Basic (General), File types (File Types), Connect (Connection), Save to (Save To), Download (Downloads), Proxy / Socks, Log in to Sites (Site logings), Dial Up, Sound (Sounds).

– Tab Basic (General): Here you can customize for integrated IDM for web browsers like FireFox, Chrome, IE … If you do not want to use Internet Download Manager for any browser, just uncheck the browser That or if you need more browsers you can click Add a browser (Add Browser) to add to the browser

In addition, here you can also set shortcuts using IDM block to download files with custom Keys (Keys) … And some other customizations (see image below):

Guide to use IDM for people 8

File types (File Types): Here users can add or remove data formats to download (3GP, 7Z, AAC …) or can prevent IDM from automatically downloading files from specified websites Available at item Do not start downloading from the following addresses (Don’t start dowloading automatically from the following site).

Guide to use IDM for people 9

– Tab Connect (Connection): You can choose the Internet connection speed accordingly, pay attention in the selection Maximum number of connections (Max Connection Number), if you leave this value too large and your connection speed is not good, it will reduce the connection speed, slow down the server that contains the data to download and affect other operations.

If you want to customize IDM with the maximum speed for your connection, use Load limits (Download Limits), specifically in case you only want to download at a maximum speed of 80MB / 1h or 200MB / 3h continuously, you will add those parameters. Load limits (Download Limits).

Guide to use IDM for people 10

– Tab Save to (Save To): You can select, change the folders, drives containing the files to be downloaded, or the folders containing temporary files during the data download process in Temporary folder (Temporary Directory).

IDM has an additional function that automatically remembers the directory of previous downloads Remember last save path

Guide to using IDM for people 11

– Tab Download (Downloads): Here you can set for which dialog box appears by selecting Not shown (Don’t show) or Show resized size (Show minimized) …. In the section Download progress (Download Progress) when you press the button Repair (Edit)

Guide to using IDM for people 12

If you do not want to display Download completed (Download complete) you can tick Show download start dialog (Show start download dialog).

Guide to using IDM for people 13

– Tab Proxy / Socks: You can configure Proxy, Sock, select Use FTP in PASV mode (Use FTP in PASV mode) when users check here, the passive mode of the FTP protocol will be activated and add some other personal information if the proxy server requires it.

Guide to using IDM for people 14

– Tab Log in to Sites (Site logings): Here will store copyright information using the software to automatically declare information on the Server Download required login, to use the user click on New to add the URL and information about Name (UserName) and password (Password) of the user.

Guide to use IDM for people 15

– Tab Dial up: This tab is used for Dial-Up connection, IDM will store your Internet connection information.

Guide to use IDM for people 16

– Tab Sound (Sounds): Here store different types of sounds to alert users, you can choose for themselves the available sounds you want.

Guide to using IDM for new people 17

1.7. Display (Menu View): You can change the interface of IDM or change the language that they are used (this content was guided at the beginning)

1.8. Help (Help menu): Show some information about the version of IDM, check for new version updates …

User IDM user guide for people 18

1.9. Registration (Menu Registration): If letters Registration (Registration) is blurred, that means IDM has been copyrighted, and if braille (not blurred), IDM has not been copyrighted. Users need to buy IDM license to use after the 30-day trial.

guide to using idm code for new people 19

2. Guide some basic operations to use IDM

When starting to download you can choose the directory containing the data in the item Group (Category) or category Path save (Save As)

Normally, .exe files will be saved by default Programme (Programs), text files (.doc, .docx, .xlsx, .xls …) are saved to the folder Document (Documents) … You can change it by selecting again at Group (Category).

+ If you want all files, other data to be saved in the same folder, you tick Remember this link for the “Program” group. (Remember this bath).

+ To describe the data you download you can use Describe (Description).

+ Finally, to download the data file you click Download starts (Start Download)

Guide to use IDM for people 20

+ After the download is completed, a notification will appear Download finished, you can always run by clicking Open (Open) or open the folder containing that data file by clicking Open the folder (Open Folder)

+ If you do not want this dialog box to appear after each download is complete, you should check it Do not reopen this dialog (Don’t show this dialog again).

Guide to use IDM for people 21

Above is the content Instructions for using IDM I want to share in this article. The article is a bit long, but once you have reviewed it, using IDM is no longer a problem for you. Use IDM to simplify the task of downloading files to your computer in the fastest and most effective way.
In addition, if you already have installed IDM but do not see this software automatically catches the link to download videos on YouTube, music download links … then please refer to the article Fix IDM not automatically start the link has guided before. Good luck!


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