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IELTS test experience to a high score


If you are planning to study abroad, or simply your work requires an IELTS English test, in the article below, will share with you some of the IELTS test results with high scores. .

One IELTS test include 4 partsn is equivalent to 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. If you want IELTS test scores requires you to practice and cultivate yourself fully 4 skills to confidently enter the exam.

Experience IELTS exam with high scores

IELTS test experience to a high score

IELTS test experience to a high score

Here will share with you some experiences to pass the IELTS exam with high scores:

1. Psychological comfort

Speaking is to cultivate and practice your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills regularly, but that does not mean you have to take time, even 24/7 to review. Sometimes we learn too much, do not have time to relax the mind, lead to psychology when taking the exam and the results are not as expected.

The human brain does not always process a lot of information at once. If you try to cram in rules of writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, English structures, … sometimes the brain may become “disordered” with information.

Experience in setting high scores

So before entering the IELTS test, you should let your mind relax, psychological comfort because IELTS is just a certificate anyway, we can retake it many times.

2. Building a solid English foundation

Remember, IELTS is organized to test and assess English “proficiency”. Unlike other English certificates, it’s best to not think too much about using English tips and tricks to get good grades because there are no tips or tricks here.

Achieving a high score in the IELTS exam requires you to have a strong foundation in English. Building this foundation requires a whole process of learning and accumulating knowledge, structure, grammar, English vocabulary, ….

Experience in setting high score 2

With listening skills: You can take advantage, practice skills by listening to songs, news on the BBC, VOA or watching English movies with subtitles, ….

With speaking skills: You will have to practice your speaking ability fluently, practice pronunciation, intonation, listening and communicating in English. To prepare your speaking skills, you can find people to practice speaking or sign up for the best communication course with native speakers.

In addition, in the IELTS speaking section, you should focus on answering the focus of the supervisor’s questions, so that you can feel comfortable and confident to answer, most importantly, how to use words and structure fluently. .

With reading skills: to save time in the reading test, focus on skimming the questions to find the main idea, what the question is about, then skimming through the text, finding the main ideas related to the question. To answer, there’s no need to read too detailed.

Writing skills: the writing section to assess your vocabulary and how to use your English grammar and structure. With this skill part, you need to equip yourself with vocabulary and use flexibly, you should not repeat too many words in sentences, different paragraphs, should use synonyms instead. Also pay attention to grammar, paragraph breaks and punctuation.

If you find that your skills are still weak, encourages you to focus, spend more time to improve that skill, strengthen the solid foundation of language. Once you have a solid foundation and confidence, getting a high IELTS score will not be too far away for you.
Above has just shared with you some IELTS test experience to achieve high scores. Hopefully the article above gives you some useful information and knowledge, helps you build the foundation and confidence to get high IETLS test scores, in addition, please refer to IELTS test structure here.



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