Improved supply chain, more inventory, but Nvidia and AMD GPU prices haven’t dropped

Half a year ago, ie around June 2021, there were a series of positive signs showing that the price of graphics cards will be less “virtual” and tend to decrease gradually until 2022. However, as of now. At present, it can be affirmed that the scenario is clearly not going as expected, not only that, but it could be worse. The latest report from Germany-based market research firm 3DCenter shows that the high price trend in the GPU market will continue into 2022 on a global scale, despite the ups and downs of the chain. supply as well as production capacity.

Going into the analysis results, experts believe that the selling price of AMD graphics cards will generally tend to decrease slightly. While there is almost no significant change from Nvidia. The average trading price of models from both the Blue and Red factions is still almost double the original list price, at +89% and +85% respectively.

Statistics of 3DCenter

3DCenter’s statistics are compiled based on data obtained from major German computer parts retailers such as Mindfactory, Caseking, Computeruniverse, etc. And only current generation AMD and Nvidia VGA models i.e. Radeon series RX 6000 series (RDNA 2) and Nvidia GeForce 3000 series (Ampere) were included in the analysis.

If you pay attention, it is not difficult to notice another worrying trend that has also been reflected in this chart. It was in Q4 2021, between October and early December, that there was a significant improvement in the overall availability of GPU shipments globally. This is most likely due to the improved supply chain and productivity due to the well-controlled disease in many countries. However, instead of falling, the price of graphics cards tends to increase, showing that the shortage of semiconductor chips does not seem to have cooled down, so it cannot bring the low GPU price as many gamers expect. would like.

One of the other main reasons for the shortage of supply in the graphics card market over the past several months stems from the explosion in cryptocurrency mining, or roughly speaking, “mining”. This causes the price of GPUs to increase and it is difficult for the gaming community to access a source of new, quality gaming cards.

This can be clearly seen on the statistical chart of 3DCenter, with the up and down trends in the price of graphics cards almost in absolute parallel with the Ethereum rate. It is one of the most valuable coins, accounts for a large proportion of mining rigs, and is used as a measure of the mining performance of any GPU model. Therefore, it is highly likely that the GPU selling price will only gradually return to stability after Ethereum updates Proof of Stake. Let’s wait and see!


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