Increase OneDrive storage for Windows 10

To increase OneDrive storage for Windows 10, you have a few ways to invite more friends or buy more space from Microsoft, so how are these implemented to help you not to use within the limit? 5GB? Please follow the content below.

Use OneDrive As a mobile data warehouse, sometimes users encounter data on Windows 10 that automatically loads into OneDrive, causing online storage space. Now you should block OneDrive from automatically downloading data on Windows 10 so that the files don’t update anymore. Only way Block OneDrive to automatically download data on new Windows 10 helps you save on your already limited OneDrive storage. However, with suggestions Increase OneDrive storage for Windows 10 Here, you will not have to worry much about full OneDrive again.

Increase OneDrive storage for Windows 10

1. Introduce to friends.

Just recommend to friends and relatives using Microsoft services, you will easily earn an additional 10GB of OneDrive storage for storage. More specifically, each person who clicks on the link you recommend and uses OneDrive will get you 500MB of space. And in today’s booming Social Network, it’s not hard for you to earn 10GB of storage, even 20GB, 50GB … if you are a acquaintance.

Access come in and click Earn more storage space.

Choose Share via Facebook, Gmail …. to get 500MB whenever someone uses OneDrive from your link.

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2. Purchase additional storage.

Also access the link above. You choose the part Upgrade.

capacity monitor onedrive for windows 10 3

And choose 1 of 3 supported storage plans of OneDrive.

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These are the only 2 ways for you to increase OneDrive storage for Windows 10 now.
Another thing that OneDrive users are quite interested in is that if unfortunately deleted data on OneDrive, can it be regained? please answer you is always completely recovering data on OneDrive as long as you do it the right way. Because you can Recover data on OneDrive with just a few small steps. However, you need to do this early, if you do not want your data to be completely deleted on OneDrive.


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