Insert, embed Videos into Blogs with high quality

Insert, embed Videos into Blogs with high quality

To insert the Video Clip from your favorite YouTube site into your Blog, everyone will know it, but for that Video Clip to play with high quality, not everyone knows this trick.

You already know how to embed Video clips into your Blogs. But for those videos to play with high quality, you’re not sure how. Here would like to guide you to perform this procedure as follows.

Insert Videos into Blogs with high quality

Step 1: Find a Video Clip on the YouTube site that you are about to insert into the Blog.

Then Click the “Share“, Click on”Dip”, You copy the whole code in the Embed box.

insert videos into blogs with high quality chat

Step 2: Log into your Blog at: Then enter UserName and Password.

Step 3: Click on “Start Blogging! ”

Step 4: You Click to select the HTML tag.

Then Paste the code you copied above into below.


In order for the Video Clip to be inserted into the High Quality Blog, add the following code:

& ap =% 2526fmt% 3D18


& ap =% 2526fmt% 3D22

Immediately after the Link of the embed code

Step 5: You switch to the “Write”.

If you see the result shown in the picture below, you have successfully inserted.

And then you’re done loading your article normally.
Thus, the above article has guided you how to insert high-quality Videos into Blogs with just a few simple steps. In addition, you can refer to the Blogs tips available in to create unique blogs on your own.


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